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It is not the first time I am being discriminated at Walmart because of color, background, and religion. Today I was at a Walmart store in Bloomingdale Illinois.

After buying stuff, I was stopped to check the receipt of the goods I bought. That was fine, I showed him the receipt, but I asked him why you did not stop other two customers who were ahead of me (they were white). He said I did, when in fact he did not. When I told the gentleman that I am going to make a complaint against him.

He laughingly challenged me and said go ahead. So I went to Customer service to speak to the store manager. It took more than 20 minutes to talk to a manager. When the manager came to talk to me (Virginia) she did not say hi or introduced herself and asked me what I want.

It was little rude. When I explained what happened to me she rudely said it his duty to check the purchases, but she did not answer my question That why the guy did not stop other two customers who were just ahead of me? Upon insistence, she said by guessing that they might be having another kind of grocery. The question is how one can guess which kind of grocery a customer is carrying out without physically checking the receipts and matching with goods.

The manager was very rude and equally bias. She neither investigated this matter nor showed any courtesy to be sorry. In other words, she called me a liar. I wonder why a customer who is also a senior citizen will waste time and lie.

Later on, when I called the store manager from my home, first of all, he was not available and I was switched to different employees, but finally, when he was available, I found him equally bias and uncaring. He assumed that I mioght be carrying something open which required special checking. In other words he called me a liar too.

I wonder why Walmart is that much uncaring and bias with certain customers and what happened to the policy of "a customer is right". It is shame.

Reason of review: discrimination with certain type of customers.

Preferred solution: Fire all those who either do discrimination or promote discrimination.

Walmart Cons: Discrimunation.

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I work in retail. 98% of all our shoplifters are white.

That's who I worry about at my store.

And if you're wondering...........I'm white too. And the mix in my area is about 65% white, 35% minority.


I’m white. Same thing happened to me more than once.

I’m usually dressed for work when I go.

Last time it happened, it was an old lady who stopped me. I told her you better find something stlolen, old bag!Never saw her there again.


Since you are This upset, send a letter to their Corporate Headquarters.That information is found on their website.