Winchester, Virginia

I'm not white. I shop at all the Walmarts in the Winchester VA area.

They never have most items restock and never clean any of their shelves. Its always dirty and the price tag never match any of the items. As for a non white customer they treat you like trash. We used our EBT card and a lot of their cashier always give me a hard time.

children and I are always followed most of the time. They think we are going to steal something but we never did anything wrong but we are always watched like they hope we would do something. My friend who's family are blacks was confronted by a shopping cop. He was asked by the store manager to approached my friend and their kids and asked them if they were stealing doing.

When my friend said no, they cop told them that "we're watch you and if we find out that you are stealing. I'm going to come to your house and look for any stolen merchandise and I'm going to put you all in jail or worst you all will be kick out of your house and you'll have to go back to your country. This was so wrong in so many level. But I too was approached by store employees and asked if I was "going to shop today or steal stuff"?

When I asked what they employee had just said to me...he laughed and walked away and said under his breath I'm calling the cops". That's not the worst thing that can had happen. One store employee left the store and drove his car out of Walmart parking lot and came right be said my car and said "I'm taking down your tag and I'm giving to the cops. Go shop some where else." All this in front of my children all under 11 yrs and the same with my friends family.

Its so wrong and no one can do anything about this????? Were not white so who is going to believe us. Walmart got good prices but their stores, employees are the worst in retail by far!

This there anyone who can do anything about ? It long over due for change!

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*** - get it straight - I'm white and I shop in the Portsmouth, VA Walmart and I can say the exact same things you said happen to me (except that I pay for my stuff with my own earned money). But I don't get on pissedconsumer and *** because I can't prove it and I don't got time for it to weigh me down. I'm too blessed for that ***.


Racist fat white woman work there with the mall cop security types that will never get hired in law enforcement. They need to hire more then white trailer trash.


Why are you complaining about the prices? It is not like you are paying with your own money you earned.

You have no right to complain about dirty shelves when you don't have a job and live off hard working tax payers. Why not use this as an opportunity to get a job, be the one to get paid to clean the shelves?

That way you are not a burden to tax payers. I get it you are too "sick" or "physically disabled" to get a job, yet you are not too "sick" or "physically disabled" to go out shop, possibly go to a few parties ect.


Hey if you use up that EBT card on juicy juice and froot loops you aint got enough to sell them to your neighbor for 5 cents on the dollar for some crack. That's why she's *** about price!


I don't think this has anything to do with being black, it has more to do with your getting free food rather than getting a job to earn your food. If they were hiring they should have pointed to the help wanted sign.

They were treating you badly because it was them paying for your food through taxes. Then to top it off you cannot afford to take care of yourself and you have children to feed, that is just sad, they are not only feeding you but your children as well.


Get a job, you non-white welfare loser.


Stop saying it's because you're "not white" and start complaining about some other race for a change. Quit your ***, grow up, and act like a *** adult.




I have the impression I am been followed at Wal-Mart too. I am planning to install a hidden camera in my shoulder or behind my neck, so I can record anyone following me.


I advise not shopping at Walmart. You see, that's what I do.

I dislike Walmart.

So... I don't shop there.

I shop at stores that I like and stores that also like me.


First of all you should be ashamed of being on EBT. Get a job.

They probably were thinking you were going to steal because of your leeching of the government not because you are black. We are not getting the whole truth here, they are not going to call the cops if you are innocent. I frankly don't believe this story.

It seems like you are either poking fun of blacks and or people on EBT or were caught stealing and arrested for it and trying to get revenge. It is not that I don't believe you because you are black, more like this is too far fetched to be true.


Agreed. As a hard working American ebt cards *** me off.

Must be nice not having to pay for everything. I