Newburgh, Indiana
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I was in Walmart doing some late night shopping and i was about to buy a new T.V. The guy with red hair working electronics smelt so bad i had to leave the area and try to regain composure.

i have NEVER smelt anything that bad. The guy had poor hygiene with blisters all over his skin. I have smelt pig pens that had a better aroma than him. I tried to go back to the T.V.

section after 15 minutes but smell still lingered. Will never shop at Newburgh ever again.

absolutely disgusted at this moment. DONE.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Walmart Cons: Employee in electronics with poor hygiene.

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Has anyone said anything to his management? I would think especially the co-workers would speak up.


His name is K Richards and he commutes from Orange, CA. They won't allow him to work out here.


I work with him and we've gone to management multiple times about him. It's ridiculous that we have to work with that, especially since he's been documented for having staph infections.

AND THEY STILL LET HIM WORK! I'm sick of it and I'm not the only one either.


come on. it's walmart. what else would you expect from a 146 billion dollar company?


Oh yeah, I know the guy you are talking about. I think *** a maggot is a perfect way to describe his "aroma".

I don't understand how they could have a person like that dealing with customers....absolutely disgraceful. I refuse to shop there now because of him.