Lancaster, California
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I have attached a photo of the conditions my local walmart sees appropriate to keep living creatures in. In two different tanks this was happing.

ENORMOUS mounds of dead fish coating the entire tank's filter and then some. VERY VERY few living fish were actually in either of the tanks, and the few that were had been coated in ick and were not looking so healthy.

As I walked by a worker had been opening up the tank to take out a fish for a family, completely ignoring the enormous mound of fish corpses. He just walked away afterward, not a care in the world about the (previously) living creatures.

Reason of review: Treatment of Animals.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

  • Lack Of Concern
  • Fish
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Anonymous is right. Believe me, I've had a fish before.

Some fish you really can not mix with others because they will start fighting. You can not move them around too much either. The only time I ever moved mine around was when I was cleaning the tank. My brother once stuck his fish in with mine and that is how I learned that some fish can't be mixed in with others.

It's a possibility that Walmart has a certain way that they have to dispose of the dead fish.

You can't blame the employee for helping that customer. They are suppose to, you know that right?


Oh that is awful!!!! I go i. My local walmart and they only stocks a couple tanks, and they will have a dead or sick looking ones and i throw a fit or dont go over in that area anymore its sad, but THAT is sick.


Maybe there was already a work order open for the tanks. If the filter breaks it's not like they can just store the fish anywhere until the tech comes in, there are some fish you can't mix with other fish. Also, moving them around too much is stressful on them and can kill them as well.