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I purchased a Onn. 65 Class K (2160p) UHD LED Roku SmartTv HDR 10002**** online on November 4th, 2020.

However, my television was damaged recently. To be more specific, when I purchased the television I also purchased a 4-year protection plan as well. However, after my television was damaged I contacted All-State several times to try to have my claim protected under the warranty. However, All-State stated that they could not cover the TV as I had not had it for a entire year.

They then suggested that I contact the manufacturer, but they asked for a receipt for the television, but I only have the online order number that was emailed to me and is posted on the Walmart .com app. I have given both All-State and the manufacturer this information and neither will cover my television that I bought a warranty for. I also was told that a Walmart representative would call me within 48 hours but NO ONE has contacted me to discuss this issue and provide assistance.

I then contacted through chat and phone number and I was told I had to contact the store manager of the store I purchased the TV from. I then went to supercenter #2890 located in Macon, GA.

I spoke with three associates about this issue and neither could help me. I then visited the store again to speak with the store manager but the associate stated it was nothing he could do to fix the issue and its nothing the store could do. She stated he was not in when I came to ask question as if she did not want me to contact him about the issue. She also spoke over me and repeated the same information that I had to contact All-State and the store manager neither could she have any control over my problem and could not help me.

I then continued coming to the store and spoke with Manager Archie who also could not help me with this issue and I am at my wits end at this point.

I am extremely upset and extremely disappointed in Walmart at this point. I purchased a television with a warranty to ensure if I had any issues it would be covered. However, no one has help me have my tv exchanged, neither Walmart Store #2890, All-State or the manufacturer has helped me. I am now emailing to see who can provide me with any assistance for exchanging my television that I have a full warranty for.

I need someone to call me as soon as possible as this is ridiculous, unprofessional and extremely dissatisfying to pay full price for a television and the warranty to not have it covered! Please contact me as soon as possible to help

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Another TV.

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The service plan you purchased starts after the manufacturers warranty runs out. That is why you were told to contact the manufacturer.

Bothe the manufacturer and the extended. plan would cover defects in the product.

Neither are going to cover "damage". If you did something like breaking the screen its time to go out and purchase a new TV, it isn't covered by the warranty.


“My tv was damaged recently..”. What does that mean?

You not having a receipt is your fault.

Explain in detail what happened to the tv. You sound fake.


If it's worth it.. Het an attorney.

I would suggest buying a new tv and move on. Don't buy anything over 20.00 from Walmart.

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