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My daughter,was a employee of this absolute nightmare of a company.and was terminated for being late.though she called and explained that she would be at least 5 min late.she had a note from her ob/gyn which would excuse her as well explain everyrhing.her very nasty manager told her dont bare in mine she very much all of about 6 months along.they biitched because she needed to sit at times seriously walmart u suck as company.a d persoally i will never shop in your dump of a company ever again.i hope others follow i my foot steps as well.

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Since Walmart seems to not hire the best and brightest I can assume a few things from your post:

1. Your daughter picked up some nasty entitlement habits from you.


Walmart doesn't fire the first time - ever - well unless it's number 3.

3. She was a bad employee and found an easy reason to get rid of her.


You and your daughter sound like idiots.

They run a business depending on people to be there at their start time, not whenever you feel like it.

Smart to can her dumbazz


And why should your daughter get to be late? Note or not, I am not allowed to be late EVER for work without prior approval.

If you know you have an appointment, then perhaps use some vacation time or something or schedule your appointments outside of work hours. Like all of the other hardworking people out there do.


This is the problem with society....nobody wants/knows how to work anymore nor have a work ethic. Over the past year for example, I have been late....wait for (0) times for work.

I have missed/taken off.....wait for it.....three (3) days of work. If I don't work, I don't get paid, it's that simple.


And who really cares? You care about you and I have a feeling that you are the most important person in your life.

You could care less about your fellow man because you are too busy telling everyone how perfect and wonderful you are and how boring and stupid they are-right? Get some compassion and get a kind bone in your body.