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MY HEADLINE SAYS ALL! Store itself is dirty, disorganized, empty shelves, ..BUT My 2 MAIN info to Walmart.....

I felt as I went to world war in the restroom.....Sad

I took video &;;;;;;; photos of it, I WILL post shortly. Then- check out line, NO

Curtesy not only no acknowledgement I was there, another employee came over started speaking about time in, out, etc... Guy name tag was flipped over.

(Now I know why .... !!).

They ACTUALLY had a conversation amongst them as if I wasn't there!! ....THEN I Finally sd: EXCUSE ME, I'm right here...I'm a CUSTOMER, are you going to put my things in a Bag? Her reply "- I don't have Large bags! " I sd- then put them in a small bag.

Guess that was too much , so , I did it! As they BOTH watched me! Continuing they're conversation. Matter worse - I had my young son w/me he was also shocked ,stated as we left..".

they were really rude, that wasn't nice right mom!? " SOO SOOO SAD! DISGUSTING!

Online shopping is way better! W/Computers -I don't have to deal w/IGNORANCE,RUDENESS,being treated so horrible.

User's recommendation: STAY AWAY, MORRIS COUNTY NJ- Mt Olive DONT GO!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Sanitary Conditions.

Preferred solution: Mandatory customer service course every 3months.Will weed out bad employees,they won't last more then a month..

Walmart Pros: Few.

Walmart Cons: Filthy, Rude employees.

Location: 40 International Dr S, Flanders, NJ 07836

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That's why I never use a public restroom unless it is an emergency and diarrhea is about to be rolling down my leg if I don't. I don't want to expose myself to all of the disgusting germs in there.


Where do you think you are shopping? You definitely aren't in a high priced department store. Don't expect a lot of service and how can you blame the store for the customers in the restrooms before you being pigs?

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