Clarksville, Tennessee
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I had a prescription called in for my daughter for antibiotics this afternoon. When I called to check on the status I asked what the cost of the drug was and stated that I did not have insurance.

The person I spoke with quoted me a price under ten dollars. I repeated the price back to that person and stated once again if that was the price without insurance and I was assured yes.

When I went to pick up the drug the price was seventy dollars. The person I spoke with denied her statement and said I misunderstood.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Terminate the dishonest "professional" employee from their staff. I have been in healthcare for 20 years and to not step up and admit they made a mistake is unconscienable when dealing with humans and their lives. My daughter did not receive her meds..

  • Poor professionalism
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You sicken me, calling your child ugly names? What kind of person are you. You have no right calling yourself a mother, or human being for that fact.


Sounds like you only heard what you wanted to hear, and perhaps you made a mistake, either way if you are not willing to pay for the medicine you don't care about your daughter's health. If you loved your daughter you would be paying for this no matter how much it cost. Sick that you love $70 more than your own daughter.

@you dont love your child

I don't think she loves her daughter at all, calling her names for telling the truth, I wonder if she was honest about the quoted price as well because she later admits she could have misunderstood. Shame the child has a mother who calls her a *** for telling the truth.

Also if the "mother" misunderstood the daughter is telling the truth. Shame the mother is teaching the daughter it is okay to lie to save money.

Some people should not be parents. What this sorry excuse of a mother should know is that name calling which could be considered verbal abuse leaves emotional scars and is one of the worst forms of abuse.


The worst thing is my daughter said I misunderstood as well because I had it on speaker phone, she said the person did say $70. I told my daughter she is a lying *** and she started crying.

I then told her the medication would come up from her allowance. Perhaps I had misunderstood them, but my daughter was supposed to stick up for me whether I am wright or wrong.