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I consider myself a great customer to the Walmart credit card company I pay my bill on time I’ve been with this company for many many years. After paying down my account and have an a available credit of $1300 Walmart decided to decrease my balance which took me to an available credit of $38 overnight I Iam waiting to close on my house and needed that available credit due to the fact I am paying $10,000 in closing cost .

As a veteran who has served in combat four times retired after 20 years of service in the army and as I said before have been a very valued customer to the Walmart credit card company I don’t deserve to be treated in this manner I feel very dishonored and unappreciated Sarcastic to Sarcastic this company . Where did customer service go

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You obviously don't understand how credit works. Credit companies look at a number of factors in determining how much credit they are going to extend to an individual.

They include your income, your credit history, outstanding balances and total credit amount others. If your income hasn't changed and you are now taking on a home mortgage you are increasing the amount you owe and decreasing the amount of money you have to repay creditors.

If people run short of cash to pay bills their mortgage will usually be paid before credit card bills. For this reason you may see your credit card companies lowering your available credit to reduce the chance that they will be left holding the bag if your ability to pay bills come up short at the end of the month.