Tullahoma, Tennessee
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It is a shame the management of this walmart is so short sighted and rude. My husband, a truck driver, stopped here to go inside and make some purchases only to be told by his company that they had been called and if he didn't leave Walmart would have his truck towed...

When he called the store to make a complaint for the foul treatment the manager asked him how much could he have even possibly spent anyway... Does it matter how much he was going to spend? I can tell you how many hundreds I have spent a month there for years, on average 800 a month just for groceries for the house and I can tell you how much I will be spending there from now on, not a single cent.

A truck driver is good enough only to deliver your products for you to stock your shelves but not buy from you?

Alright then, that'll be just fine with me. My husband and I will be happy to take our business to a company who is appreciative of return customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You are right they handled this wrong. They should have called the police and had the truck towed for parking in an illegal place. Telling him he cannot park in an illegal place is not being rude.


Sounds like he was parked illegally.


That's what I wondered too.