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I went into the store in Waterbury tonight to purchase a Christmas gift for my daughter. I was helped by 2 employees and a csm that was very helpful.

I didn't want my daughter to see the scooter so I had my son take her to pick out clothing that I also was going to purchase 2 female associates came over and snatched the clothing out of my kids hands and scolded them my kids immediately came to tell me what happened i reported that you the csm that helped me cashed out my order she called over the assistant manager over named John he was rude, nasty, and disrespectful to me and my children as they were describing the associates and telling him what happened .

As I walked away he went over to other associates and begin talking about me and laughing about the situation. I immediately asked for a refund in which he acted as if he didn't want to process I will be contacting corporate for some of the things that he inappropriately said as well

Review about: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I expect there is more to this story than what you described. However, rude and disrespectful employees do not seem to be unknown at any Walmart.

to h.kitchener #1405078

You can say what you want you weren't there but it seems you have a lot of time on your hands. While your commenting on a post that has nothing to do with you, find time to MIND YOUR BUSINESS

to Anonymous #1405201

This complaint was posted on a public website.

Anyone can post a reply to any complaint on this website.

to Anonymous #1405203

Is this a private website?

to Anonymous #1406626

Anonymous Dec 15th, I am so sorry too hear your story, its employees like this that shouldn't be working into retail. hope you have an merry Christmas and an happy new year.

to h.kitchener #1406624

h. kitchener: It's people like you that need too shut your mouth and mind your own business if you don't know the whole story. so *** off.

to anonymous 78 #1406643

I agree

to Anonymous #1407273

Since this Is a public website, exactly Who can respond to these complaints, and exactly What can they post in response?

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