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I went to the pharmacy in ruidoso downs nm and they seem to be out of a lot of different medications. They had me stay in line for over twenty minutes cuz there were several people ahead of me in line and bout the time they were about to help me, their system goes down.

Then the clerk at the says our systems are down so i did a little more shopping and i went back to the pharmacy and had to wait more time and finally i got my prescription.

The service was not that great. Thinking about going to a different pharmacy that is gracious and caring.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacy Department.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So let's recap your complaints.....1) they are out of a lot of medications. Well, their volume of refills must be very high, so they should stock more of those meds, but for whatever reason they dont.

Complain to corporate about this. 2) you had to stand in line behind others. Well, yeah we all do, that's life. 3) the system goes down.

Well, again yeah this is life, it's not like someone tripped over the plug causing this, with technology this happens to all of us. 4) you got your meds. Well, good.

If you truly are that upset over the things that we all go through, then maybe you should go elsewhere.

I don't know why some people think they are special, but news flash, you are not. Lesson learned for next time.

to aliens_amoung_us #1375720

Sounds like the OP has only one legitimate complaint... the fact that the Walmart pharmacy is out of many meds and that they do not restock those meds.

The rest are minor, but to the OP, they are major enough to post on

to Anonymous #1391907

As if Walmart looks at this website. lol



Nothing in your complaint states exactly how the pharmacy staff was not gracious and caring.

Nothing in your complaint states exactly how their service was not great other than the fact that their system went down. That is a part of doing business.

Computer systems go down at any business.

What are you going to do when that happens?

Complain again and again?

Exactly what did you expect the pharmacy clerk to do when their system was down? Exactly what did you want the pharmacy clerk to tell you?

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