Charlotte, North Carolina

Any bakery with trained staff SHOULD be able to produce a wedding cake as ordered. 'No major issue with the cake' someone said?

What if you ordered chocolate cake in pink and blue icing and got an orange flavored birthday cake decorated in Halloween colors and reading "Happy 100th Halloween, Grandma!" Still no 'issue'? S/he ordered something specific. S/he got something that in no way resembled what was ordered. If they 'didn't do' wedding cakes, they should have declined with apologies.

S/he was due a refund (gift card at least) AND an appropriately constructed free replacement, imho, especially having to drive a long distance to the store. The best thing would have been to talk to the general manager of the store if the bakery manager would not fully compensate her for the mistake and trouble, and if that didn't work, contact the regional manager and if no satisfaction was obtained there, contact corporate offices, Consumer Affairs. NOT call 'customer service', mind you. Corporate contacts are available via Google.

If there was a time issue and local contacts were not helpful, she could have accepted the 'deal', gotten her cake and THEN contacted corporate directly. I'm SURE they would have compensated her appropriately. Get to the corporate level and they WILL do everything they can to make you happy if you have a legitimate complaint, as this appeared to be. I think s/he STILL ought to do it.

It has nothing to do with 'cheap'. It has to do with consumer confidence and loyalty and fairness to the customers that made them what they are--America's largest big box store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Corporate came through for ME!.

Walmart Cons: Local level unable to handle it.

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Would not take item, received for Christmas, and give a refund because it was a couple days past their 15 day limit.

NO MORE Walmart for this family!


15 days is their policy on electronics. No Exceptions!


I agree and since the person posting that comment is obviously six years old isn't it up to mommy or daddy where they shop. Mommy and daddy could have taken them for the refund earlier instead of waiting 17 days. I know they are in fact six years old because only a six year old would throw a temper tantrum when the rules are not bent just for them.


15-day limit? It's at least 30 days in most stores.

Like I said, follow the instructions in my post and you will most probably get satisfaction.

Sometimes you have to ACT . :)


Nope have mommy read the return policy for you, most stores is 14 days actually.


Here is a website about Walmart "holiday returns" and the extended policy.

Yes, electronics are usually a tighter return window, but again, this was a holiday and a gift.

I think you can make your case and get satisfaction. I really do.


So you expect a free wedding cake exactly the way you want it and monetary compensation also? Greed at its best....and I'm not talking about Walmart.

They may have accidently gotten the orders mixed up, however you do not deserve the moon and stars because of it.

Too bad everyone can't be perfect like you, mistakes happen, its a part of life. Get another cake and move along.


It is called get a job so you don't have to beg for free food, I feel sorry for the person they are going to marry. If they have to beg for free cake they are obviously not financially ready to be married and should move back in their parents basement.