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After going in to Walmart in Ontario Oregon, I was called a {{Redacted}} by associate Stephanie Allan. As a customer ALL customers are to be treated equal !!

I was getting ready to shop but after that I will no longer shop at that store till she is relieved of her job. It's unprofessional and looks bad for Walmart.

Walmart you need to do a better job of hiring people. Who treat all people with respect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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So your ex-wife works at this Walmart?


Let me re word that I Know this person, I said nothing to this person. We did have a past relationships as husband and wife. But however , Since I said nothing to her it was uncalled for.

to DesertedNorwegianForest #1459066

Since you are making a post like this, she probably is correct in thinking you are an *** Don't know why she should get in trouble for speaking the truth.


"As a customer ALL customers are to be treated equal!!"No. If you were being an a**hole - which, simply based on your comment, is totally believable - then you should be called out on your behavior.

No one thinks you are cool by trying to berate minimum wage employees. Grow up, learn how to be an adult, and don't try to beg for handouts.

to Anonymous #1458028

Beg for handouts ? I'm a professional truck driver making a living driving truck.

Walmart use to be the best place to shop. However if I'm going to be called profanity by an ex- wife for shopping there.

Because she holds a grudge. It would be totally different if I said something to her, but that's not the case here people.

to DesertedNorwegianForest #1462251

A truck driver whining about "profanity"...AhahahahahahahahahaGrow up.

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