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Do not buy RCA Tablets and Do not buy any computers through Walmart! We bought an RCA tablet on the 4th of this month and it quit working but we only had 15 days after purchase to take it back to Walmart.

My husband was in the field and we called the Walmart we got it from 3 times in which the department picked up and didn't say anything, got someone else who told me to call back because they couldn't transfer me and then called back and no one would pick up so drove the 20 miles to see them to be told that it has been over 15 days and they couldn't do anything. I had to call the warranty people for it and now the company for RCA says we have to pay to send it to them and insure it also!!Also the number it gives asks if you want English and when pushed it gives you different a number to call and you get someone who don't speak English,

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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My mistake, M_doll and one of the anonymous responses are the same people. Oops, I guess others weren't suppose to know.

to Guest188 #876157

Mdoll_99, oops.

to Guest188 #876269

Know what? I mean you are talking to different people.

I only came in as guest because I didn't want to sign in. Maybe you should stop trying to be mean for no reason. I am sorry but no it didn't state it on my receipt and No I don't agree with you! I also don't agree with the fact that you decided I was in the wrong.

When you offer a service including if you want it in English; it should be honored! So please do me a favor and get over yourself!

First Born Triplet
to mdoll_99 #876281

Will you two just settle this the mature way like with mind blowing violence.

to mdoll_99 #876441

You tell me that I am not worth your time yet you keep replying. Yeah, again, doesn't make sense.

You said that you checked the policy and was hoping that they would make an exception for you, yet you're talking about honor. Just because I'm replying to you does not mean that I am being mean. You're the one going around telling others lies about me. For someone that doesn't think that I'm worth their time, you sure do spend enough time talking about me.

Thank you, First Born Triplet. I do agree with you there. It is rather funny.

Sometimes that is the response that someone will use when they just don't have anything else to say. Like a go to response I guess.

And to proves they are a child, I would have to agree with you. Thank you for your mature response. :)
Guest 188,
Personally unless you are looking to buy an RCA computer, you are the troll here! I don't care what you have to say because you are not worth my time. Have a Blessed and wonderful week :)
to mdoll_99 #876143

I'm not worth your time yet you're the one reading my replies and replying to them. Doesn't make much sense.

Just because I disagree and call someone out on their BS doesn't mean that I am a troll. In fact, I am not the troll here. That would be you and the OP. The other anonymous people may also disagree, but that by far doesn't mean that they are trolls.

The fact that you and the OP just can't accept that someone may have a different opinion just says what kind of person you two are. There's always going to be someone that disagrees. Get over it and frankly, just get over yourself.

Have a nice day. ;)

First Born Triplet
to Guest188 #876242

I agree with one matter on this, just because someone tells the OP they are wrong does not mean they work for the company. It is funny how people come to that conclusion.

Then there is the whole you disagree with me so you must be a troll thing.

to mdoll_99 #876239

You may not be a child but you are acting like one. You don't like people's responses than don't post here, people are not going to be worried about hurting your poor "wittle" feelings.

You don't like their replies than call a wambulance. People can state their views on this site whether they are buying a computer or not.

You already lied to us once by claiming guest and I work at Walmart maybe you are lying about this whole thing. When you lie once your word is mud.

First Born Triplet
to Anonymous #876248

They are not lying they just assume that someone who disagrees with them works for walmart. To lie you would have to purposely say something is true when you know it is not.

This person is just being foolish by assuming someone works for a company when they tell them they are the ones not following the policy.

I agree with them that 15 days is too little since most items don't stop working within 15 days, and it should be longer, but she is being foolish by assuming someone who disagrees with her works for the company. She is not the only one to make this foolish mistake though.

First Born Triplet
to mdoll_99 #876244

Calling you out on your wrongness is not trolling, nor does it mean someone works for a company.


For someone complaining about another person, you should know your own English is terrible. You have many run on sentences, perhaps they could not understand your English because you spoke in one big sentence.

You obviously don't know how to read either because on the back of the receipt it says 15 days returns for Electronics, so before bashing anyone's English learn how to read the back of receipt and learn how to use periods instead of writing one big sentence.

to Your Own English is terrible #874766

You are correct this person has terrible English and reading skills, I wonder if the "99" in her username reflects her year of birth, if this is the case her husband needs to be investigated by the police for marrying a 14-15 year old. I can understand this teen's frustration, but making fun of someone else for their English when hers is not perfect makes her look foolish.

I wonder if the reason they could not say anything was because they could not understand her run on sentence as you call it. But even for a 14 year old this is terrible grammar since they teach this basic rule in the first grade.

to Anonymous #874955

I wasn't talking about run on sentences, I am not 14 and I am sorry that you feel so bad about yourself that you have to belittle other people. I thought this was to say how I felt about a business.But obviously it is for you people to belittle people to make yourselves feel better.

to Your Own English is terrible #874953

First of all, I really don't care about your opinion on my English. Second of all it does not state that on my receipt and 3rd, you must work for Walmart or know someone who does!

to Anonymous #875021

Just because someone disagrees with you on the matter does not mean that they work for Walmart. Almost everybody knows of somebody that works for Walmart.

Not really sure why that matters anyways. When buying expensive stuff from anywhere, it's smart to check the policy on it before you buy it.

Most likely there is a sign that states the policies somewhere in the store.

to Guest188 #875236

Only a child would ASSume that someone who disagrees with the person posting works for the company. Second I will address all of the OP's issues at once.

It is quite clear the OP does not know how to read. I was simply telling her not to bash someone else's English when hers is not that great. This child is a hypocrite. However I don't work in retail or know anyone who works in walmart so she is lying there.

If she is lying about that what else is she lying about. After reading her reply I realize I was wrong she is not 14 she is too immature to be 14, she must be younger and her husband needs to be checked out for marrying a child under 14. In other words if her English is not good, she should not be bashing others for bad English because she is far from perfect, and she is very childish. I would say she is three yeas old based on the fact that she believes someone works for a company when they disagree with her.

If she is actually an adult I feel sorry for her husband having to put up with her everyday.

I am surprise he has not put a gun to his mouth or divorced her as of yet. Then again he could be as pathetic as her.

to Guest188 #875239

Well I don't are for your opinion either, and I did check the policy, i thought they would make an exception for me because frankly only blacks pull the kind of stunts that scam the company. My husband and I are white and were just trying to return something that is not working.

I am not three or 14 or 15 as the other poster said.

Guest188 you are retarded so don't post on my review, this includes everyone else. Just to note I will be reporting guest88 and your english is terrible to the police for cyber bullying.

to Guest188 #876041

So you admit that you knew but you're gonna complain anyways? Saying that you will report me isn't going to scare me or anyone for that matter.

Just remember that you're the troll here.

You knew the policy, and you expected otherwise. Can't really say that I'm the retarded one.

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