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Purchased 4 viva tires from Walmart the road hazzard and the lifetime balance and rotate. Brought car in a month ago had tires rotated and balanced.

Tech upon giving me the keys said the left front tire was loud and that vivas were known to be that way if I had any problems to come back. The noise was so loud I could not stand it and went in to store today to have the tire replaced. Was told it was my suspension without him even touching the car. No suspension issues.

Then I told him so and said the tire was defective and needed replacing. Told me he had to check with the manager. Here is what he came back with WALMART GIVES YOU ONLY A 3 MONTH 3000 MILE WARRANTY AFTER THAT YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE MANUFACTURER TO REPLACE THE DEFECTIVE TIRE! This is the warranty on automotive work not a tire warranty which is spelled out on the back of the receipt of work that you get.

Do not get an oil change or purchase tires from the Walmart in Crawfordville, FL. They have put the wrong oil in. Not put the pan screw in tight so oil leaked out and they do not stand by their tire warranties.

Do research this is Walmarts MO on tire replacement everywhere. They have lost me as a shopper forever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

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Uneven tread wear caused by lack of rotation, poor alignment, or bad suspension. No road hazard problem, not a defect.

Lack of proper routine maintenance. google it.


it sounded like you did have issues with the rear suspension and it maid the tire out of round are "feathered" and when they rotated it to the front you could feel it that is not the tires falt are a road hazzard there for it was not covered even if you went to the manufacturer the would of told you the same thing and they most likly did not loss you as a shopper forever how can you not shop at walmart there prices beat every one's unless you are loaded and have money to toss you will go back and most the time the nosiey wheel gets the gress are sometimes the wheel just gets changed altogther it sounds like walmart may need to change out you people like you make it hard on the people that try to us there warranty the right way :grin