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I purchased your meat products from your deli in Hays Kansas store on 01/09/2018. That night I made a sandwich with the meats, a pastrami and corned beef sandwich.

That evening I started to get a bad stomach ache and went to bed. The next morning I had to go to the bathroom with a real bad case of diarrhea. I did not feel well till later that morning. The only other thing I had that day was a cup of Lipton soup.

The next day (01/10/18) I did not eat any of the meats but had some Lipton soup for lunch and some rice and vegs for supper. The next day I made another sandwich (01/11/18) for supper and I had the same results as I did the first day, upset stomach and went to bed. the next morning more diarrhea and did not feel well till noon. Today (01/12/18) I went to your Hays Ks store and went to the deli and talked to the same person who sold me the meat and he remembered me.

I told him what happened and he looked at the meat and said he had not sold any more since I bought mine. Both meats were over half gone that were in the case. I told him about what happened to me and told him he should throw out the rest of that and open a new pack. He said there was nothing he could do about my problem.

I talked to a manager about this and told him what happened and he said he could do nothing about this if I did not provide a receipt, which I did not have because it was purchased 3 days earlier. I suggested he throw away those to small portions of meat to make sure someone else did not get sick from them. I did some shopping and came back to the deli and they were still there and the deli guy just looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. I will never buy and meats from your deli again if this is how you try to protect your customers so you can make more money with meats that may be bad.

While I am in here let me say a few things about this store and I am a Christian man and I am not trying to get back in any way. This store is like a Dollar General Store!! You buy something you find you like and the next time you come in to get more, they have none. I am told that they just get things in one time and when they are gone they do not reorder them.

The store has no choice in other things you want to buy. Like in electronics, they carry one product that is usually a cheap brand and that is your choice. I asked why that was and I was told "buy what we have or go somewhere else. I talked to the manager about this but it was like talking to the wall.

This store use to be a very good store with some choices of what you want to buy but not anymore. Most of the things are of poor grade. Another thing is Green Giant canned vegs. I ask why they and was told that they did not made enough profit off of this product and stopped carrying it.

I think you need a new manager there in Hays, he has been there way to long and is bringing your store to be a Dollar General.

And buy the way the shelves are empty a lot of days. In Christ, Jim Heit

Product or Service Mentioned: Meat.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Customer service and care of customer.

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Ignorance of what causes food poisoning makes me fear for our society and where we are heading as a species as well as just really disliking people in general. You are uneducated and foolish.



Did you go to your doctor before posting this complaint?

What did you doctor say?

While I am in here let me say a few things about this store and I am a Christian man and I am not trying to get back in any way...

Exactly Why is this relevant to your complaint?