Toronto, Ontario

I went shopping at around 5pm with my two children. My nine year old son and three year old daughter.

While I was in the clothing my son was pushing the cart. He decided to get in the shopping cart. He stood at the edge to get out and the cart tipped over. He banged his head on the floor and had a bloody nose.

The team handled it pretty well. They gave us ice and helped stop the bleeding.

This is not what this complaint is about However they told me that my son is not allowed to step in their shopping cart. None of this would have happened if they had more child friendly shopping carts.

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Stop it, just don't let me catch you! Make them walk & use you brain...........


:grin i work at a walmart and parents should'nt be so ***. first of all your are not at amusement park and shopping carts are not a ride.

teach your children they are to be helped in and out of the cart and make them listen. while your at it teach them how not to scream in public other customers and employees don't want to hear them or you screaming back at them. yes i have children and i did have to teach them right from wrong.

tell me how embarrassed were you when you had to explain the truth to the safety team? after all you are on camera!


Are you kidding?? Half way thru reading this I was thinking "Is this a troll?" You CAN'T be serious lady.

First of all - a 9 year old doesn't belong in a shopping cart. AT ALL. Second, it isn't the stores fault (I can't believe I am defending Walmart) that you ignored the warning signs about NOT letting kids climb in/stand in the cart - and then ALLOWED (not watching your kid is the same as allowed) your kid to climb in and stand in the cart - then acted surprised when it tipped over and he got hurt! This is ALL ON YOU.

The incident entirely - as well as not already instilling into your 9 year old the dangers on climbing into/standing in carts - as well as proper store behavior when they are 9 years old. Btw - was your 3 year old sitting in the child seat when the cart tipped? You don't mention her. If she was hurt - THAT is your fault too.

Or was she climbing around the cart as well? Maybe you didn't mention her cuz she was running around the toy aisle on the other side of the store....don't blame Walmart when she gets hurt.


You had a brain.

A Nine year old has no business being in the shopping cart.

Plus all walmart shopping carts have warnings. warning you not to do exactly what your child was doing.

Make you child walk next time and keep an eye on him while your at it


As a mother, you are responsible for watching your children. Don't blame Walmart for something you should have been doing from the start. If you let your child climb into the cart, and he or she falls out of it, the responsibility lies solely with you.


With children consistency is key. Before going into the store with a child, "The Talk" goes along way to keeping you from headaches while you run your errands.

In this case it would have also keep the child from head aches. :grin


Actually it is the child's fault he fell. Not the mothers

@Jedi Knight Ethan

that's right after all she wasn't watching him why should it be her fault. kinda like when a kid throws a rock thru your window why would the parents be responsible for replacing it? :p

First B

We are talking about a nine year old who has more common sense not a three year old unaware of danger, a nine year old knows when you stand on the edge of a cart you will fall out because of your weight.


Did the store employees give your nine year old a binki or did they end up giving it to you for all your whining?


I cringe EVERYTIME I see a parent that lets any child STAND UP in a shopping cart. ITS your fault if they fall out.

Have you ever heard a ripe melon crunch as it hits the floor.....that's what your kids head sounds like when it hits the floor....STOP BEING *** AND EITHER LET THEM WALK OR MAKE THEM SIT IN THE SEAT. Quit expecting the government or the store tell you how to protect your children.


I believe a law is being passed in the house to address this. There has been a budget approved for a 376 million dollor 3 year study, as to why this type of thing happends. When the study is done, several laws will be passed to force retail shops to scrap all exssiting shopping carts and purchase federaly approved child saftey shopping carts containing federaly mandated electronic saftey devices.

I proposed a cart attachment mecanical hand that would reach out and slap the parent that allows a child to climb into a shopping cart!

Oh, by the way... a little common sence, and personal responsibility might go a long way!


Did you leave your 7 month old in the car? Was this the same time you weren't watching where you were going and dropped your infant...the "altered" security tape... Please have your tubes tied, ma'am.


You're completely in the wrong here. Holy cow, a nine year old had NO BUSINESS being in a shopping cart.

He's way too heavy.

Of course the cart tipped over and it's all your fault.

Many stores have signs telling you your kids can NOT be in the larger part of a shopping cart and they say not to stand in a shopping cart. I HATE people who blame everything on someone else and never take responsibility for their own actions.


Some people are idiots.


last time I checked.. shopping carts are for putting groceries or products in, not kids.

I don't see them selling kids at stores. the only part of a shopping cart made for kids is the front part that usually even comes with a small seat belt.

but that's for much younger kids, not a 9 year old. watch your kid next time.


if you were watching your children like you should have been.

All the carts come with warnings that say not to do exactly what your son was doing.


Supply each cart with seatbelts and warnings, im sure you've seen them before.


this wouldn't have happened if you had more control over your children and didn't let them climb all over everything.