Albany, New York
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i am being charged for a card i do not have for the last 3 months... i would like for you to quit charging me for something i dont have and refund my money back...i am so tired of these people charging innocent people for things they dont even have or use...people work to hard for their money for other people to just take it away from them.. it takes to long to make the money to begin with...if i dont hear back from this then i will be turning someone in to the bureau of investigations and i guarantee someone will be doing some serious jail time...

Monetary Loss: $60.

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I think she means she is the one going to jail.


Look lady it does not matter if you bury the credit card, your previous charges still come up.


You're being charged for a card you don't have? That doesn't make sense.

rebecca p

no i'm not a judge and you must not care about your money to let people keep taking it from you...


You must be a judge if you insist on jail time.Any *** that shops Walmart gets what they deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!