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October 9, 2019, as always, I took my care to Wal Mart #18 to have the oil changed, message in car said it was at 40%. picked my car up the same day.

Less than 4 weeks down the road my car began to make funny noises-took car to mechanic who checked the oil and said it looked as if it had never been changed, black and barely any in the car, oil filter dirty. Went to Wal Mart, the store employee told the store manager, her car NEVER has used oil. In the past only certain employees were allowed to work on my car. My husband was told a new employee changed oil in my car that day and he had messed up three other cars.

I was given paperwork to fill out and not to worry they would take care of everything. In the meantime, I received a call from Mr. Scott Abbott, an adjuster from Claims Management, Wal Marts insurance, he wanted details and since I am not a mechanic I could only tell him what my mechanic and my husband had speculated without total review. Took the paperwork to our mechanic and sent to Mr.

Abbott. Form did not request photos and neither had Mr. Abbott at this point. Few days later Mr.

Abbott called very demanding wanting to know why I had not filled out the forms correctly and sent in the pictures. My car was still at the shop, since it would barely run, it was decided to park it until we could find out what was going on. Our mechanic took pictures and emailed them to me - I forwarded them to Mr. Abbott.

Within 30 minutes Mr. Abbott was on the phone telling me that I was a liar and that people like me who tried getting money from someone else saying they did something when all along I knew I was the one responsible for the problem were terrible. He continued to yell and not let me ask questions or say anything. He told me my problem was I needed to learn to read the manual and be able to check the oil in my car.- stop blaming other parties for what I did to my car.

I told him why should I need to check the oil in my car when Wal Mart had supposedly changed it 4 weeks prior!!!!! And when it was checked it was black and almost empty. Mr. Abbott was extremely rude and I would not wish anyone to have to endure a conversation with him.

I was told to report him to the Arkansas Insurance Department, which I did. There response was that they had several complaints against this company. After this I spoke to Mr. Jeremy Rasmussen, Mr.

Abbotts supervisor, very calm, nice man. He told me the video showed the oil was put in my car. Have you ever watched Wal Mart put oil in your car? I have.

A dark colored hose takes the oil out and another dark colored hose is put on and supposedly puts the oil in- HOW CAN YOU TELL. I only know in this Wal Mart, I personally know of 5 other people this has happened to - my insurance agent is one of them. Not one single person has had any kind of restitution !!!! It cost me $1200.00 for a motor for my car!!!

My husband is disabled and I work seven days a week just to keep the bills paid! What bothers me is that no one seems to care and what if this happened to our mother! After calming down I contacted Wal Mart Customer Service before Christmas and was told someone would be in touch with me, as of today's date - 2/20/2020 - NO ONE has bothered to get back in touch with me. This continues to be a problem - last week a lady had her oil changed and the very same thing happened - something must be wrong with the dark colored hoses they are using because I am sure if you checked the video it would show that they took the oil out and put the oil in just like they did on my car.

I realize I am just a small rock in this pond but I do matter maybe not to Wal Mart because like I said I have not heard from anyone on the corporate level. Right is right and this in no way is right!!! even their employees say the same thing.

They do have good employees who want to do the right thing. Make your own decision - just want you to be informed!

Monetary Loss: $1200.

Location: 1211 Highway 367 N, Newport, AR 72112

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