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I purchased and began using the walmart money card. They tell you all the perks about a low monthly rate and how easy it is to use. THAT is true. 3 bucks a month and no cash sounds like a deal.

What they do not tell you is they will doubl eyour purchases and "HOLD" money without prior authorization or answers. THEN the real problem begins when you call in. YOU are routed to PHILLIPINES where if you get a rep that knows english they are nice but repeat the same 5 phrases (sorry to hear that being the fav).

I was overcharged for a hotel. The general manager called in on three way and gave the Walmart rep authorization codes to release these additional fees. They stated it would be done. Two weeks later NOTHING still.



Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I went threw three an they all was very disrespectful after trying to tell me in a good way that they stole my money


I had my refund forward to my new WalmartMoneyCard. I purchase the card and put $20 dollars on it.

They never froze the card nor stop the uses of the card until they saw that $8000 tax refund check was deposit. They froze the card so we could not use it. Their reason was security reason. There was know security reason until the large amount was put on my account.

The IRS deposit the funds and a unknown company is holding what the government has release unto me. This is fault on every corner. Now I am asking the IRS to do a investigation on this unknown company that uses Walmart name and business. And also sue Walmart for allowing them to use their system to unlawful use.

Please let as many know people know that this is being done. I also mailed in all the information they ask. It still didn't work. They are really holding my tax refund as if it belong to them.

It is almost like it was their money and they are making sure for security reason you are the person. It is truly a SCAM. A very big one. And know one is stopping them.

Strange. Am I asking the government look into it very soon.



They let someone use my card in Florida when I live in Washington state and would not stop the pending transaction when I called the morning it was done.

Then, they have not refunded my money and it is now 11 days. Then this morning they told me it would be another nine days at least before they finish "reviewing" the case.


I hate Walmart Money Card. They just allowed someone thousands of miles away to remove money from my account and will not refund it to me.

It is all I have to buy groceries and put gas in my car for the next two weeks. THEY SUCK!

Don't ever use them. I will be contacting the media to let them know how my complaint was handled.


DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!! I have had soooo many problems with these people, it’s not even funny.

Latest quagmire: One of their employees reported my card lost/stolen in error and they cancelled my card. I called to have the problem fixed and they tell me it’s nothing they can do, they ave already mailed a new card out, I have to wait 2 weeks in order to get it in the mail and access my funds. This happened one day after my paycheck was direct deposited on the card. I told them I need to buy groceries to feed my children, and I need to put gas in my car to get to work, so I cannot wait 2 weeks.

They say they cannot tranfser the funds to a bank account, only anothe rwalmart card. They tell me the only thing they can do is if I buy andother card, and deposit more money onto it so it can be activated, then they can transfer the funds. I told them my money is on the care they cancelled, so I hace no cash to buy another card. All I get is attiude from thier employees.

It has been over a week, and I haven’t received a new card. I have had to take my kids to a homeless shelter to eat dinner, and I have missed several days of work. I asked to speak to a supervisor, who said te same thing, so I asked to speak to another supervisor. The woman in th ecorporate office says “I’ve told you what to do, if you have nothing else to say, I’m going to disconnect this call.” I asked to speak to her supervisor and she refused to transfer me.

Their customer service dept. is horrible!!!! Save yourself the headache!!!

I should not have to suffer for a mistake their employee made, but I am. I trusted them with my money and this is how they repay me!!!


For the past 2 months I have been trying to get a refund on a Wal-Mart Money Card I purchased that was lost. I gave the rep ALL receipt info at initial claim and was told that the card had not been activated nor used and a refund would be investigated.

I requested at that time that the card be frozen from activation and use as it was no longer in my possession. I have followed up in two week increments and given three different claim numbers and nothing was done except noting frivolous notes on each account to justify closing the claim. For the first time on 1/3/2013 I was asked to fax the receipt in which I did within 1 hour of the request. I faxed it three times from two different fax machines to ensure receipt.

I saved my transmission confirmations. On 1/5/2012 I was told that no fax had been received. I found out two days ago that that card has now been used and was given yet another claim number because the card had been used. I was AGAIN asked to fax receipt.

On today, 1/7/2013, I faxed the receipt again plus the three previous fax confirmations. I realize that the Wal-Mart Money Cards are outsourced which I am sure Mr. Sam Walton would not appreciate as he would also not appreciate this lack of customer service I have been provided. Sometimes it is not worth the savings to outsource.

Wal-Mart needs to take interest in its affairs in other countries that affect Americans.

This was my thirteen year old daughter's money she earned dog sitting in which she was going to use to purchase i-tunes and online games.


I purchased two $30.00 "Walmart" Money Cards and was not told SSNs were needed to activate the cards. When I discovered these cards were not good for 12 year olds I went back to Walmart to get a refund.

Keep in mind cards have not been opened/activated. Walmart said they do not give refunds to "unused" money cards. I was told to call Green Dot. I called both numbers on the outside package of the money cards, the number on the Walmart receipt, and neither provides information on how to get a refund for unopened/unactivated cards.

Just talks about how to activate the cards.

Again, why won't Walmart refund the money, since neither card is activated nor opened, especially when you cannot get a live representative at Green Dot or GE Capital Retail Bank. I am a very dissatisfied Walmart customer..


I purchase a card at the walmart store in lansdale pa for $100 dollars they charge me $3.00 so total was $103 I came home to active I call the 18779657848 number I was on the phone for 1hr 23 minutes I gave them my address all my personal info and then the rep was like can not ativate yr card yr info is not verifying that they will refound my money back in the mail I needed to pay my bill n now I can't I will never buy a walmart card. U can never get any one on the phone that speak english clearly


I have been using a Walmart Money Card for about 3 years now and have had no problems once so ever. Two bad reviews amoungst who knows how many good ones does not justify that someone (be it a person or store) is not honest.

I have had things happen to me in the past that could not be explained. Take it as one of the "*** happens" moments and move on.


I had also been using the walmart money card and was also thought the perks were great... no overdraft fees, only 3 dollar monthly fee, ect...

Everything was great for about 2 months But then i purchased a product for $178 and some change. later that same day i returned the unopened/unused product for a FULL refund of $178, with a recipt verifying this. So i try to use my card the next day and it was declined. I went home took alook at my online statement to see what was going on and i was only refunded $149. SO now my card says -$27 and some change so i checked my reciept for the refund back to my card and it was for the full $178. SO ???

Now angry and wondering what happend to my $29 i call the cards 800#. First Then can understand about enough english to just do their job witch is ok it they could of fixed this. So after many many calls to the store where i got my FULL refund, and i have a RECIEPT! saying so , and to the walmart 800# basically Walmart Money Card told me we dont know what you are talking about and pretty much too bad because we cant figure it out. So Walmart basically stole $29 from me.

So, if you happen to have one of these cards im sorry for you their service is very very poor.


Just get a credit card.... problem solved