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I tried to ask 5 emplees where to find a produced - none of the emplees spoke English - one tried to call a manager - but she said - in some broken English and her native language - the manager yelled at her and not to call her again - Your new automated registers are always out of order - standards in your Freehold store is very poor to extremely poor - I hope the person reading this can speak and read English - your prices are higher then other customer friendly stores - I had a bad experiants - I plain to shop in other stores from now on the better line time and that speak English - thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Don't speak Spanish (Mexican), guess I can't shop Walmart anymore.


You are obviously speaking in 'broken English'. Why shouldn't the '5 emplees' speak broken English.

Please have a 3rd grader help you next time, I'm certain they could do better.



I tried to ask 5 emplees where to find a produced...

What the heck is an emplee?

What the heck do you mean by produced?

This is a wall of text.

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