Chatham, Ontario

I'm just wondering what the *** happened to CUSTERM SERVICE?

I personally don't even know why Wal-Mart has a greater, 90 % of them don't even acknowledge the fact that you're coming into the store.

Anyway, when I was cashing out, the cashier didn't even say Hi, just started to blab with the girl behind me about some girl that they hated, and some buy that she thought was her boyfriend, and that it was not expectable for this guy to be talking to another girl.

I don't enough words to say how disappointed that I am.

Alliston, Ontario

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Are you there to shop and get the *** out or to make a BFF?


Walmart can't hire friendly, courteous staff. I agree, they just ring up your stuff and push the *** Walmart Credit Cards.

The greeters are all over 60, and god forbid your price comes up more. I argued with a uninformed cashier until I went and got the price tag to prove it. Watch your prices, and then when it comes up wrong, they make you go to customer service for your new price.

I don't care how much they make, they don't have to be rude ignorant and pissed off at the world. I am sure someone would like their job!!


Did you go to Walmart to shop or socialize?

Sorry, princes or queeny, the cashiers are not paid anywhere near what they should be, so do not expect the type of customer (please note the spelling) service that is indicitive to someone earning $15/hour. Not going to happen.


We are incredibly sorry we failed you. Why don't you come back and we can try again. The first lesson will be c-u-s-t-o-m-e-r.


learn to spell maybe someone will pay attention to you.


And on that note, whatever happened to Hooked on Phonics?