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almart shoppers BEWARE! I just returned from Walmart where I used my debit card.

When I scanned my card, the machine should have then prompted me for my pin number...it did not. This has happened in the past and each time I questioned a manager, I received a different excuse as to why. Today I called my bank and the Walmart Corporate Customer Service Line. I was told that WM has a "new" policy.

If your purchase is less than 50.00, they will not require a PIN nor any other type of identification. So, first and foremost, if you lose your card or it is stolen, anyone can scan your card (ANY debit card ANY bank) as often as they like or until they bankrupt your account for 50.00 or less per scan. Secondly and most scary, This is not true. I purchased money orders for 100 and 300 dollars and used my debit card.

Again, the machine did NOT ask for a PIN number, just automatically authorized the purchase, so that amount limit is not true. At a time when identity theft is at an all time high, please be aware that Walmart does not appear to be concerned with the security of your funds.

This is their "policy" and I fail to see how this in any way is more convenient to anyone concerned, least of all the consumer. Any thoughts on this?

Reason of review: lack of regard .

Preferred solution: a PIN should be required of any and all debit card transactions, no matter the amount.

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You do know you can do credit for a debit card right? Cause if the cashier pushes credit on their side it wont give you an option to type a pin number, it'll just run like a credit and if the purchase is less then $50 it wont require a signature.


Once again, this is not a walmart thing. A lot of retailers have adopted this policy as it was a law that passed earlier not requiring a pin number at checkout.

It is very simple to fix: next time you are on the phone with your bank, have them change your account to a pin required account. That's what I did, and ever since I am asked for my pin number again everywhere I go.

And please, stop getting mad at Walmart for things that are not their fault. Your bank should have told you about this while you were on the phone with them on the first place.