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I went to Walmart this am in Tucson, AZ and here is a lady with two small dogs( Lhasa Apso's) on leashes walking around the food area with her while she shopped. I could not believe that they would allow dogs on leashes in an grocery store!

Then one of the dogs urinates on a display in a major isle. I could not believe it! I confronted the woman and she ignored me and continued shopping with the dogs in tow. I asked to speak with the manager upon my departure from the store.

When the store manager finally arrived I told her about this revolting experience and she told me that store employees were no longer allowed to ask customers if their dogs were "service dogs". Really? We all are purchasing food from Walmart as they have a monopoly on the market and times are tough.

To think that we are purchasing food from a place that is obviously violating major health code violations and basically our food could be unfit for consumption really ticks me off. Turn your policy around Walmart and keep the public safe from unacceptable health concerns.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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We no longer shop at WalMart because of the way they allow any and everyones dogs in the store regardless if they are legit service dogs or not.

Once I saw the commercial with a dog on a leash in the store I knew right then it's time to shop elsewhere.

Wake up WalMart!


LOOK JEDI - some has actually agreed with you. :eek

Dam_n son, you can spot a DRUNK even through the written word!! :eek :grin You're really good.

It must be wonderful to know so much about so many things!!! :zzz

Now, tell me how many fingers I'm holding up. :p :p

Hint: You're probably right. 8)


I agree with Jedi, something doesn't smell right here. I can't imagine a person allowing their dogs to urinate all over the store and only one person notices and complains.

I also don't like some of the comments here from some people defending the writer of the complaint. Bunch of dog haters.


Aliciabj20, if you choose to spend your breaks taking care of messes that dogs made then that's on you.



Lawfully they don't have to help you. If you choose to not abide by the law and help that is fine, but others have that choice, besides in these things we don't get he whole story, how do we know the OP was not kind in his or her approach.

Also none of the comments were rude. Telling the truth is not the same as being rude, and for all we know it could have been the owner who pissed all over the store, after all if the owner was with the dog, she must have been pretty drunk not to notice her dog was *** all over the store.


Don\'t pay attention to the rude comments, people you dont have to be an *** to give your 2 cents. Anyways, I work at walmart and honestly I think what he did was rude.

Yes, technically if an employee is off the clock they don\'t have to service you but I do anyways. There have been many of times when I\'ve been clocked out for lunch or getting ready go home an customer has asked me for help and I helped them.

Its only going to take a few minutes and if it takes longer then that, then I would get another employee to help. Thats what he should have done, instead of walking away he could of kindly told you hes off the clock but he would go find someone else to assist you.


I'm sorry to hear that, I work at a walmart in Nebraska and I see many customers come into the store. I can tell when service dog from a non service dog, customers are just using the "service dog" as an excuse now a days to bring their pets into the store cause they dont want to leave them in the car, or better yet at home.

There is one lady who come to walmart with her service dog all the time, and he wears a vest the lets you know he is a service dog.

Unfortnately, a service dog doesnt always have to wear a vest which in my opinon I think they should. That way we can *** out the customers who are just bringing their pets into the store from the people who actually need their dog with them.


well then you might want to find the crazy people section to complain because this isn't a complaint against Walmart.


Are you sure it was the dog and not the owner who pissed on the display? She must have been pretty drunk to not notice something like this.


Managers and law enforcement absolutely have the right to ask if the dog is a service animal. No one can ask the disabled person what their disability is, THAT is what is protected by HIPPA.

But the manager absolutely has the right. You should have called the police or contacted the Health Department in your city. According the the U.S.

Department of Justice, Americans with Disabilities Act re Service Dogs - "Businesses may ask if an animal is

a service animal or ask what tasks the animal has been trained to perform, but cannot require special ID cards for the animal or ask about the person’s disability." Shame on that lady for doing that. She wants to shop, leave the d**n dogs at home where they belong.


Service animals can come in all shapes and sizes. I have a friend that has a small service dog.

The manager was correct, employees are not allowed to ask if it is a service animal or not. It has to do with HIPPA.


You should have called the police. That is ILLEGAL.