Newport, Oregon

Newport Oregon Wal Mart refuses to confront customers bringing dogs into it's store. Customers claim the dogs are service animals and Wal Mart says they, "can't do anything about it." They need to know the Americans with Disabilities Act defines service animal as either a dog or a miniature horse that has been trained to perform a "SPECIFIC" service.

ADA says that comfort animals are NOT service animals. i went into my Wal Mart Store in Newport, Oregon last week and a woman in a fatty cart was hauling around three freaking dogs in the cart.

C'mon Man. Give me a break.

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OMG! That's horrible!

Oh, I see these old people walking all over the store using those dreaded 'canes' that COULD be used for attacking people.

Have you seen the spiked cleats on the ends! We must get rid of those also!!!!!

Maybe we need to take the canes away from these 'supposedly' old people too! Let them hobble around the store.

Of course I'm not serious!

It a ridiculous statement. Same as yours.


The associates CANNOT confront the customers about it. Ask the associates are allowed to say is: "is that a service animal?" If the customer says yes, they cannot push it or question it further.

Furthermore, only the people greeter is allowed to ask even this. If the animal is causing a disturbance (such as being aggressive or knocking things off the shelves), then a manager can approach the owner.

Service animals are not required to wear vests or any other distinguishing marks, and stores (not just walmart) are not allowed to ask for documentation per HIPPA guidelines. God forbid you ever need a service animal and someone complains about you in the store.


Yeah I understand your frustration. Especially when we have customers who may be allergic to most animals.

But we are told in our training that we can't do anything. Thats discrimination. We don't have the right to ask for documentation.

Its policy , sorry you don't agree. :(