Hinesville, Georgia


Don’t take this the wrong way. I am a dog lover “but however” time and time again I’m beginning to see dogs entering into the local Wal-mart stores around the globe and they are not “Working Dogs” or “Service Dogs”. This has to stop, Saturday night August 16, 2014 at the Hinesville, GA location around 1130 p.m. four gentlemen walk into this location with a Bull Dog and no one approached them. I thought this was the purpose of having a greeter at each door to prevent things of this nature from occurring.

I’m not sure if anyone paying close attention to the small details that need to be taken at these stores anymore, but this really need some attention.

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I have been in 3 different wallmart locations and all of them they were small doge in the carts that people but there food in when shopping.I thing that should be stopped the dogs could have flies or some type of medical problem


The same could go for kids, baby's and even adults. They leave flity diapers, food wraps, drinks and so now.

What about babies, kids and adults who are sick? Their gems are all over those charts. Is anyone complaining about that? Who cleans the carts then.

Service dogs start as puppies and they are called service dogs in training. A 8 or 10 weeks old puppy should not be walking around on the floor so that they can get run over by shopping carts because kids and adults don't pay attention.

If a puppy is in a carrier or Hugh carry bag they should be allowed in the cart. A person with a disablity should be made to feel like *** and humiliate.


Do you know how dumb that is. What kind of service dog rides in a cart.

Tennessee does recognize stress as a disability, thats why doctors give out pills for thats a other story. Look that up


I don't think people should be *** about dogs being taken into walmart like its the end of the damn world! I think as long as they are well behaved & not vicious it shld be fine!

@Brittney M30

health hazards ... do you clean the cart after letting your dog ride in cart where food is carried ...


Do you clean the cart after people allow their nasty kids to ride in the cart. Kids are just as nasty if not nastier than most of kids I see in stores.

Usually the people who take their dogs with them, take very good care of them. Including bathing and proper vaccinations.


Do you know your dog eats its own *** remember that the next time you kiss your dog in the mouth


Not to be rude but have you seen how messy,gross,slobbery,and dirty people kids are. You can’t tell me having a baby throw up/eat baby food in a cart for the parents to scrape off and call it good is any grosser than a dog riding in the cart.


People go to Walmart with the flu and cough and sneeze everywhere. You are concerned about someone cleaning a cart that their dog sat in? Do you think they're peeing and pooping in the cart?




WHY, I’m sure they let your bratty kids in. Most dogs are far better behaved.


Bill what about the dog as you say is better behaved is not. and bites a child leave the dog at home where it belongs Bill


I was in Edmond I-35 WalMart today putting laundry soap in basket and felt something bumping my leg. Turned around and saw big black dog rubbing his head on my leg.

He had a six foot leash with a woman holding leash looking the other way.

I asked her very nicely to please control her dog and she started screaming at me. A real service dog does not rub his head on strangers legs.


Sounds like the *** owner is the one who needs to be on a leash.


You do kno you can get sued dfir asking someone to leave if they have a service dog or even asking em questions about the dog


Ditto The other day I took my pitbull to the store. Yeah she was barking.

Her name is Mitsy. Well anyway as I was walking Mitsy down the aisles I overheard this one lady getting angry because they would not allow her to return this VHS which she bought 20 years ago. She did not have the receipt. She started swearing up a storm and I thought I she was a sailor.

Anyways then this LP dude comes up to me and tell me that Misty and I must leave the store as dogs are not allowed. I told him I understand, but keep in mind that you kicked the wrong *** out of the store.


A pit bull are you stupid. Misty needs to stay at home. If misty bit me or my child you would not have worry about feeding dear ole Misty anymore.


Hi sorry i dont mean to be rude, i actually have a service animal you can ask if its a service animal and what tasks it does under federal law we have to answer to store employees. we most of the time reply to everyone bc if we dont then a store person will come up and ask anyway.

And it is actually pretty bothersome at least to me for when my dog was in training bc he had public access for training in my state but other dogs would come in and mess it up and it was really stressful on me especially since i suffer from disabilities.

It great to take a dog into pet friendly stores but most walmarts are in fact not pet friendly despite what the employees say, most domt know their policy look for a sign out front that says service animals welcome or something. Sorry if it came off as rude i was just informing and sugesting (and if your dog distracts or u interfere with a service dog its against the law so u could get sued if the handler was really upset)


And actually most handlers tend to go to not pet friendly stores incase an aggresive dog does something and they have to retire their dog after years of training (most train them themselves including me) and it leaves them to fight their disability on their own/or it triggers them bc the possibility of that happening


Many Walmart’s actually allow animals in the store as long as they’re not causing a disturbance. My fiancé works at Walmart and not one associate besides a manager can say anything to you anyways. I could understand if the pet was in the food section, that’s a little different, but if it’s in home and garden area there’s really no problem.