Hinesville, Georgia


Don’t take this the wrong way. I am a dog lover “but however” time and time again I’m beginning to see dogs entering into the local Wal-mart stores around the globe and they are not “Working Dogs” or “Service Dogs”. This has to stop, Saturday night August 16, 2014 at the Hinesville, GA location around 1130 p.m. four gentlemen walk into this location with a Bull Dog and no one approached them. I thought this was the purpose of having a greeter at each door to prevent things of this nature from occurring.

I’m not sure if anyone paying close attention to the small details that need to be taken at these stores anymore, but this really need some attention.

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Kevin Richards is one of these people you can't help but wonder how they have survived as long as they have? Karma will catch up to him eventually.


I am all for a government run registry for my dog. Too many people are saying they have a service dog that don't. I can see why people are frustrated.


The reason you did not see a door greater at 11:30 pm is that all the 92 year old door greaters are in bed already.


Says the person who claims she was discriminated against when she did not get the job at Hobby Lobby. That comment about them being in bed is just as much discrimination as your claiming you were discriminated against because you did not get a job at Hobby Lobby.


Looked to me like she was making a joke.....why so serious??


that person is serious.


No where on Walmart's doors does it say anything about not begin able to being your beloved pets inside! There is no rules stopping us from bringing our dogs inside Walmart, and if they are well behaved dogs then why shouldn't they get to come in with us ?!


I agree I got kicked out of Walmart for bringing my baby dachshund in he was sitting in the top of the buggy where the kids sit I had a blanket in it to were he could lay down he wasn’t causing no harm to no one and I had never had a problem bringing him in before


I’ve had the same problem. My 4 pound, 10 year old dog, was on a blanket in the buggy, someone, not the manager, told me that if I brought her in again she would ask me to leave.

No signs on the door. Many people, including people working their were very happy to see her. She made many of their day.

She never made a sound, didn’t run around like many of the children there. Just brighten many people’s lives


Because they *** and crap all over...have fleas. .and could possibly bite someone


In my opinion these dogs behave better then some of the children in the store.


I agree some of the children need to be put on a leash ! Their screaming and whinny is equal to a dog's barking.


Now I'm drawing the line. My chidren both have special needs.

These comments are very hurtful to me and my family whether a joke or not.

To the non-informed person, they may look different than the average kid and behave differently.

They have good days and bad days. Just like you.

It's hard enough without other people who don't live this experience on a daily basis making rude judgmental comments.

In order to teach and socialize children with special needs and pets like service dogs, they need to have expereinces to learn appropriate social skills and skills of daily living to be independent or certified as service dogs.

Now, bringing Fido into Walmart just because you love your dog may be pushing the line.

But a service dog has special training and usually wears a harness that identifies them as such, including a Velcro tag on the harness telling people not to pet them because they are working. Not every dog can be a service dog, hence the extensive training. Just because you can't see a disability doesn't mean one doesn't exist. The dollar bill of this country says, "In God We Trust." Yet.......do you see God.

No. But....most people still except that God exists and lets him into their lives everyday and even talk to him. So please, be human, slow down and think before you speak and judge others. Your words really do impact families like mine.

My dog saved my life and bought life and energy into my home when life looked pretty bleak and help my children with emotional self regulation. Animals can do amazing things for people in need. Please don't be nasty. And I wish all the animals who lost their owners in Hurricane Harvey a happy healthy and new loving home.

How many people just lost their homes and you're worrying about a bulldog at the Walmart....seriously? Think about it.


I wish there was something that could be done about this new problem. We went ahead and started shopping elsewhere. Maybe it will take a HUGE lawsuit when a young child gets injured?



People are taking their dogs into all kinds of stores lately. Even if the dog isn't a legitimate service dog, people can order stuff online to indicate that it is a working dog.

I don't approve of it, but what can a person do. The apartment complex where I live used to have the rule that the only dogs that were allowed were if a person had a note from a doctor saying the person needed it for companionship. Now anybody and their brother can have a dog, of course they pay dearly for it, extra deposit and extra monthly rent.

That being said you are lucky your WalMart still has door greeters, the ones where I live did away with them two-three years ago. Not having door greeters makes it really hard to find one of the electric scooters for customers to use that is fully charged.


It is illegal to charge extra rent or deposits at all for real service dogs. That is the law. Someone is lying to you.


Dogs and humans shouldn't live together, that's why they are called dogs.


Why not bring in a pet pig or horse ?


Why not bring in a pet pig or horse ?

I bought a tiger to Walmart once, the manager was so rude about it. He said there were several complaints and told me leave the store.

It was on a leach. I left it tied to a pole and I feel I was discriminated against because I was asked to leave the property entirely while the person with the dog was allowed to stay.