Corpus Christi, Texas
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During a recent visit to Walmart store [located at 4109 S. Staples St.

Corpus Christi, Texas 78411] we noticed a young boy with a dog inside the store. When we asked [Jason - Zone Mgr.] about the store Dog Policy he replied; "Service Dogs were allowed". But, my wife said, that is not a Service Dog". To which he quickly responded (in a rather crude fashion) "We are not allowed to approach people about their dogs".

We wanted to ask why Walmart allows people to violate sanitary laws by lettings dogs enter where groceries are sold. We consider this a health issue.

Reason of review: Health/Sanitary Issue.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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You're shopping at Walmart ... Quite possibly the filthiest store on the planet, and you're making a stink about service dogs?

When you, yourself, dont even have a clue what a service dog is?! How about simply minding your own business for a change!


You know how the manager knows more than you about service dogs? Because walmart was SUED for discrimination for kicking someone out with a dog that was for diabetes.

They sent a HUGE sign which was hung in the back room explaining to all employees that they CANNOT discriminate against people or require they disclose their health conditions for service animals.

This poster was posted in ALL U.S. stores for months.


I have something similar for Target another store in your country, did not know they were connected though.


If you are old enough to be married you should not mistake being told something that you do not know as being "crude". He is correct, they are not allowed to ask about customer's dogs.

I suggest you and your wife research the laws before making fools of yourselves. You have no idea if it was a service dog or not.


It was not a service dog. The parents of the child just put the service dog jacket on the dog so they could bring the dog to the store.

It clearly was not a service dog because the boy was not blind. So though it was wearing the service dog identification it was not a service dog since the boy was not blind. I even informed the manager that the boy did not look blind. He point blank lied to me and said that not only blind people require service dogs.

Some people who have seizures have them as well, or people with other disabilities. I informed the manager he did not have a medic alert bracelet so there is no way the dog is a service dog.

He again lied and said that sometimes families train service dogs. I told him that this was all lies and this violates the health code and I would be calling the health department.


Blindness is not the only reason for service dogs. As the other poster said do some research.

STOP ACCUSING PEOPLE OF LYING. And stop conjecturing about other people's medical issues.

That's absolutely none of your business whatsoever. The health department's not going to break the law for you, either.


There are many, MANY other reasons for someone to have a service dog aside from blindness. In any case, the manager was right -- They can legally ask if it's a service dog (but not for actual proof), and what tasks it has been trained to perform. Even if they think the customer was lying, they *cannot* kick them out unless the animal is interfering with other customers, has an accident on the floor, etc.


I..... ok 1) How do you think service dogs are trained? 2) yes there are service dogs for more than just the blind a quick Google search would tell you that 3) no one has to tell you anything about their health conditions if they don't want to 4) your lucky I wasn't that manager or you would be banned.


One more thought: WHY is it a health issue? Are you planning on walking around on all fours in the store?

Judging by the state of uncleanliness of the PEOPLE I encounter daily in stores - especially small children - I have to say that most dogs are probably cleaner than a lot of the human patrons. You were already in the store with a dog, did you mysteriously come down with a disease just by being there? Of course not.

Get over it. If this is the biggest problem you ever have you are blessed.


The ADA LAW states that all the store can do is ask if it is a service animal and what task the animal has been trained to perform. If the person with it says yes, and says the task, then that it.

The store CAN NOT ask anything else. They CAN NOT kick the animal out. The service animal is not required to have a vest and the person is not required to say what the service animal is for.

Don't want to believe me?

Want to call me a liar too? Try reading this