Loveland Colorado Denver ave. store is allowing pit bulls and other large dogs inside.

This store is selling food. I thought dogs where not allowed in any food store? Large dogs frighten some people if they are not service well trained dogs! There is no signs at the doors that we have seen, saying dogs not allowed except service dogs?

Why??? Protecting your customers should be a concern? Even small dogs are placed in shopping carts ans push around the store, and in the food areas! Not even people inside the store seems to stop those customers!

What gives? Why?

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The dogs are cleaner and smell better than a vast majority of their regular customers.


I have noticed that they have made their stores "pet friendly"...I also thought if food is served or sold the health code forbids dogs, etc. The only exception is if it is a service dog.

I guess we should not be surprised that Walmart makes it own rules.


Believe me. I've seen much scarier people in walmart.

There should be guards in the store to protect customers, and employees, from these human animals. And if a dog does *** you, lawsuit.