Lawrence County, Indiana
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bedford indiana walmart allows dogs in the food section of its store.and i don't mean service dogs.what a turn off.what dopes runs that health department in lawrance county? public wants clean store. dogs in stores is should be held accountable for any harm a pet does to don't see dogs in restaurant kitchens.why does walmart allow dogs around food in their stores?I don't need one hundred words to describe why animals shouldn't be allowed in store and shopping carts.Walmart stores that allow dogs and other pets in their stores should be closed.and cleaned up before allowed to re open with a no pet policy strongly enforced.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Spot on!


So what? I would rather shop in a place with dogs running around than a lot of humans I encounter and their brats.


Well the employees by law are not allowed to ask if the dogs are service dogs or not. I understand you frustration and I would be as well, however get your facts straight and do some research before making a big fool of yourself.


...and you are being civil, no doubt?