Madison, Indiana

I went to Walmart yesterday & bought the second season box set of The Ghost Whisperer. Went home, opened it, the first dvd was Laverne & Shirley!

I took it back to the store & was told it was federal law that if opened it couldn't be returned, only replaced. They didn't have another copy. A manager looked & said there was nothing they could do & shrugged her shoulders. She asked if I wanted to speak to a higher up manager, I said yes. I wanted a replacement from Walmarts website. He spent time on the computer & came back over & told me the dvd set was "vender supplied". Meaning Walmart rakes in your money but doesn't take any responsibility for what they sell. He said the vender would be in the next day & he could ask, but he said this half-heartedly. And then he just stood there. He should have asked if he could take my name & number & call me. NOTHING.

I left furious. I will never buy dvds there again & wil think twice before ever shopping at Walmart again. If Walmart takes no responsibility for the products they sell, this should be posted throughout the store. There should definitely be a sign in the dvd department stating that the dvds are third party supplied & Walmart will not cover them if damaged. IF THERE IS NO OTHER COPY TO REPLACE THE DAMAGED ITEM, YOU'RE SCREWED.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

Reason of review: Refusal to solve issue.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: To never shop at walmart again.

Walmart Cons: Lack of business responsiblity.

  • Will Shop Elsewhere
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I call BS on this. I have never had Walmart refuse a return on anything, as long as the complaint was legitimate. I suspect there's more to this story than OP is admitting.


Yes because clearly if YOU have had good experiences at your local Walmart, the millions of people shopping at the over 5,000 Walmarts in the United States alone must be having good experiences as well! Twit!


This is his second review about the same thing. The last review was filled with childish name calling.

I am surprised that they even sold this dvd to someone who according to his childish attitude is obviously under the age of 17.

I wonder why he wrote a second review about the same thing. Most likely because mommy or daddy saw his childish rant on the first review and told him to rewrite it in a mature and more professional manner.


I've never posted before this review. I don't know who you're speaking of. I'm sorry if someone else also had this problem.


Funny how someone else had the same problem, with the same DVD and the store was the same, as well as the whole situation. You posted this twice. We are not daft as you are.


Also if you are talking about the other post, that was me that made the post only I did not create an account and then I did. I could not find the post until now, i thought they deleteded it.

I am old enough to buy the DVD, I am over 17. My parents kicked me out of the house after I was disobeying their *** rules when I was 25 and refused to give them rent money.


Not bs, it's what happened. If there is bs, it is in the walmart management I dealt with. No more to it than what I stated.