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Did it ever occur to you, that one of the ways Walmart keeps costs low is to have low staffing? This story brings back memories for me as I used to work in Sporting Goods, at a Walmart.

What most people don't know is that we are pulled away to be "back up"cashiers because they refuse to hire more, to "save money". So, there are many days, weeks actually, I was never even allowed to be in Sporting Goods because I forced to be a cashier instead. Leaving almost No one on the sales floor whatsoever. We are also forced to cover multiple departments at once, and Managers never help us.

Department Managers had off weekends. When they were there during the week they were done at 3pm. Most did NOT have associates under them either, so the departments were empty after they went home. I had to cover the entire half of the store by myself, several times.

And yet, be a back up cashier. Or even better, forced to unload a truck. The best part?

Customers getting pissed at me, instead of management, or rather the lack there of. It's as fun to shop there as it is to work there, trust me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Horrible treatment of employees.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Great employees.

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I blame the people in Betonville, Arkansas. They are delusional, greedy, malicious and only care about the $$$ going in their pockets.


That is just about every company. Things start going downhill once the founder dies.


Blame yourself as well. t is the customer who decides the way a store runs.

If you continue shopping there you accept the problems, even encourage them. Prices are low because YOU want them low. YOU want low so YOU get low. LOW staff means low payroll which means low prices.

Want more staff to help you? Shorter lines and more cashiers? Then pay more at a slower store.

And honestly, the bottom line is all ANY business cares about.

No business would BE in business if they were not making money. Honestly that part of any argument is ignorant since YOU would not work for free would you?