Matthews, North Carolina

Purchased Everstart Maxx auto battery. Won't hold a charge after 6 months of use.

Covered under a 3 year free replacement warranty. Returned to first store for a replacement after confirming on-line that the battery was in stock. Customer service representative was friendly. No receipt needed just go get the replacement and we'll exchange with a valid I.D.

Well, no battery in stock. No problem. There's another Wal Mart less than 10 minutes away with one. Now there's a problem.

No receipt equals no exchange. Bear in mind 2 things: 10 minutes earlier at another store it wasn't an issue not to have the receipt AND Wal Mart is the only store to carry these batteries (it is branded and has Wak Mart labels all over it).

I wasn't trying to get my money back just an exchange for a working battery. As I was standing there befuddled, I noticed 2 more of the same brand and exact model # of my battery which had clearly been returned/exchanged.

Obviously, they are tired of getting the Everstart Maxx 34N returned.

So much for the warranty and service. This is my last Wal Mart battery!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Purchased Everstart 26R-3 Battery October 2013 (installed myself). December 2014, car would not start...thinking it was NOT the Battery (only 14 months old) had car towed to local Chrysler Dealer.

Battery tested, approx 56% of CCA - battery dead. Had Dealer install new battery...took dead Everstart back to Walmart, thinking I would get some sort of refund/credit (24 month full warranty). Informed NO, only replacement...informed ASSociate that I can not plan on where I am when Battery dies and I did the most convenient thing for me, not Walmart.

No Go, received $12.00 for handing in dead battery. NOT GOOD.


Receipt for battery is NOT needed at Walmart (see Battery Return policy). If receipt is not presented for replacement, then they must use the Manufacturer Date (which is tagged on top, bright sticker), or can be checked with serial number (past few years).

The subject Walmart employee is incorrect on his receipt/replacement/policy statement. Walmart will now require said employee to be immediately brought in for maintenance (erase all memory and reprogram to ensure he/she provides less information in future; probably include the new "Smart*ss 3.0" answering algorithm) (JK, though should have know basic return policy)....


As a Walmart Automotive employee, your problem seems to be more with Delphi (The people that make everstart batteries) and not with Walmart. Alot of times with the way that they're handled from the Distribution Center, to our General Merchandise receiving, all the way to the automotive department there is a lot of room for potential to damage the cells of the batteries (it doesn't take much, trust me).

Next time save your receipt (or work order from the battery to verify the warranty, you should've received one, even if you didn't have it installed) like you should've done in the first place, then this whole situation would have been averted, you paid roughly $105 for that battery, give or take a few dollars. The first Customer Service rep should have requested your receipt, they broke policy by not doing so.

Moral of the story, save your receipt for purchases such as this.


Walmart's batteries are made by Johnson Controls, it even says it on the *** battery. You obviously are a walmart employee, as you provide information outta your ***, which is always incorrect.


It should be called neverstart