Pikeville, Kentucky
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I went to the pikeville ky walmarts today to do my grocery shopping. just got my refill on my food stamps, and i had a pretty good lot left after i left the food city, so i decided to hit up the walmart to see what they had.

well i looked at the bananas and they was all kinda yellow kinda green, so i picked the best ones i could find. well, do you know when i got home and tried to eat them bananas they was all mushy. and they was more bruised then when earl caught me slipping out back for some purple nurple with the neighbor boy. well long story short, walmart is refusing to reimburse me for them bananas because they are saying if they was bad i shouldn't have eat em.

well all i know is buyer be aware cuz them *** sumbitches do not know how to grow chikita bananas.

also my siter avaleen went to the walmarts at south williamson and there was a young fat feller with a monkey mask on running naked throwing mil all over himself... beware of the walmarts....

Reason of review: Fair pricing.

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I think you shop at my WalMart. Lol.