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Well just a quick story about Walmart. Have shopped there for years with no issue in customer service.

Our television broke down two days after tax free weekend (that's just how my luck rolls). I went to Walmart and saw a Sanyo television for $498.00. I told the sales person that I wanted that model. She returned from the warehouse to say they didn't have that model in stock and then tried to upsell me to a more expensive model. I said no thank you and that that price was as high as I could go.

She told me to wait and went back to the warehouse and came out with an Emerson model. This TV was not displayed nor did it have a price marked on the floor. I purchased that Television for the $498.00 and added on a 4 year protection plan. I got it home, hooked it up and it works fine.

I decided to check online at Walmart to see what they charged for that model since it wasn’t advertised in the store even though they had it there. Turns out it was a clearance item for $448.00. I returned to the store and pointed out the discrepancy. They replied that they did not match the online price.

That in itself is a point, however they didn’t have a price ANYWHERE for this television except online. It obviously had been clearance marked and cleared from the store as well since it wasn’t on the floor and there was just one more in the back. Now I have worked in retail and know that employees can move items off the floor for their own purchase. It isn’t too far of a leap to see that the store sold these units at clearance and one was put aside for an employee.

So at the store I told the manager that the way it works out is that I could return the TV for a full refund, order it online and have it shipped free to my home for fifty dollars less than what I paid at the store. I asked her how in the world that makes any sense. She replied “Well go do that then.”

So I contacted Walmart corporate by phone and they never replied. I then emailed them and they replied back the same thing that the manager did.

End result – Walmart charged me full price for a clearance television without disclosure of the marked down price. I can’t return the television now because corporate said there was a 7 day limit on that and they took longer than that to respond to me.

My advice. Take any price you find on electronics at Walmart and run over to Best Buy. I am certain they will match it. I should have done that in the first place

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Do you people ever think to read Walmart policy? "price match any local PRINTED in store ad" and they all say does NOT apply to any internet prices and their radio and tv adverts all specifically say does NOT apply to is a different entity from the stores anyway.


Just an awesome article.


Thank you Diana. Not sure why I have BS clicks because the events are exactly as they took place. I have not shopped at Walmart since and my life has not been hampered by this.