Portland, Oregon

Bought a small washer from them on-line. I had 90 days to get the extended warranty.

I had the receipt which listed the date of pick-up. I called them to extend the warranty. They said I couldn't do it because the 90 days starts from the time of ORDER, not pick-up. Well, I ordered it 2 weeks before it came to the store for me to pick up.

They would do nothing for me, and the sales person was extremely rude and pissy to me about it too. Don't they teach them to be polite to their customers? Just a really nasty attitude. Anyway, the 90 days from order is pretty *** because then you really don't have 90 days with the item to decide what you want to do.

It's another way for Walmart to get around decent customer service, I suppose. Bad policies. Lousy employees.

Everything made in China. I'll try to find somewhere else to make my purchases in the future.

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Entitled little ***.


Why does anyone need 76 days (90 days - two weeks) to decide if they want an extended warranty?

Alan C

Someone is mis-informing you. The 2 year plan is on top of the 1 year warranty.

The date of purchase for mfr warranty purposes is, legally, date of delivery.

(What if you were building a house?). Anyhow, what's the big deal about the first three years on an appliance - which should last much, much longer.