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Update by user Jun 28, 2018

It's all in the review

Original review posted by user Jun 27, 2018

So this just happened to me. I bought some luggage. I have to move because I am soon (like in the next 4 days) going to be homeless and I'm spending the last of my money on a plane ticket to go live with friends that are being kind enough to let me live with them. So, the plane requires luggage, right? So I ordered it, go to look at my online bank statement RIGHT after to see how much I have left and they are putting a hold for TWICE the amount.

I used their online chat immediately and after a lot of back and forth from them they said "Patty M.: Thank you for waiting. I have confirmed that we charged the amount of $86.39 only. Let me inform you that I checked your order and in this case you see 2 charges because one of them is an authorization hold. This hold is place in your payment method when you make your order because it helps you to confirm that you have the funds to complete the order. " Ummmm.. If you took the money out and got it because the money is there, why do you need to take it AGAIN to make sure the money is there? What am I not understanding here. I have, in the past, almost exclusively bought online. I have NEVER had this happen to me.

And as they say, "Oh wait!, There's more!" I say fine, cancel it and give me the money back. Oh, well first they say ok, they can do that but it will take 5 days to get back into my account. BOTH of them. It took you exactly .3 seconds to take it out, why may I ask does it take 5 days to get it back in? But ok. THEN! -oh, they will put in the cancellation but it wont go through for 48 hours. It's supposed to be AT MY HOUSE in 48 hours. I say this to them and they say, well yes, that sometimes happens, but since they try to process the orders immediately, the cancellation sometimes misses the delivery. Well isn't that convenient????

Walmart has a bad name anyway. The pay, the way they treat their employees, their safety record and the way they handle accidents that happen at their stores. You would think they would at least do something right. Guess not.


After I calmed down and could see straight, I went into the confirmation email and they have a little cancellation button. I clicked it, went through a couple steps and they said They'd get back to me. Not even 10 minutes later I got an email saying my order was canceled. The chat reeaalllyyyy couldn't cancel it? My bet is they hope people wont take the time to do it themselves, get their item and be too lazy or busy to do anything further about it. I am still calling the bank in the morning and filing a felonious withdraw report against them and contest the charge. For the one, fine, I will wait the 5 days even though it's BS. For the one they had no right to? *** no, I'm going after them for that one right now.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $86.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Read the review.

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You just don't understand how the credit system works. No, as a retail transaction you normally wouldn't see both a hold and a charge but the amount will not be taken from your account twice.

The money doesn't come out of your account until it is posted. The hold will affect available funds for a day or two and drop off.

If they cancel your order and issue a refund you will find the bank usually takes up to a week to post the refund to your account. If you still need the luggage, canceling the order isn't going to help your financial situation in the short term.


It has a hold on my money. I don't care if it will fall off in a day or two.

It's there twice, it shouldn't be. As of this moment, I do not have access to the money they are holding. That's all there is to it.

As far as not understanding how the credit system works, I have been shopping online for over a decade and no other retailer has done this. So I may not 'understand' the system, but I have plenty of experience and this is just wrong.