Martinsburg, West Virginia

I spent over $24.00 for HP Inkjet printer refill cartridge ONE DAY ago. The Walmart representative in that department looked the number up for me and told me which refill to purchase.

When I got it home I opened the BOX and realized it was the wrong refill because it was too small. I taped the box and returned to Walmart Customer Service/Martinsburg, WV, this morning. Was told they won't accept returns on printer refills if the box is open. Guess I'm out $24+.

I've also been overcharged over $5 on other items. I've had it with this store and will NEVER shop Walmart again - I would rather pay a little more for good customer service to support a LOCAL BUSINESS instead of a big conglomerate which doesn't care about their customers!

Monetary Loss: $25.

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***. You probably typed this from Walmart, after swearing you'd never go again.


Anybody can claim that an associate told them the wrong item to buy. Next time do your own research before going in to make the purchase.


There are a lot of items, that any store won't take back if it has been opened. How would they know that you didn't put an empty ink cartridge in the box?

Some of those items include CDs. DVDs, etc. It would be your word against theirs. In order to be overcharged $5.00 check your receipt while in the checkout line and if you find an error bring it to the cashiers attention.

They don't do it on purpose. There are times when there is a price change it doesn't get changed in the computer right away.

One other thing I have had several computer experts advise me against using refilled ink cartridges. I'm sure WalMart won't miss your business.

First Born Triplet

But they have to make an exception if the employee told her to buy the wrong item . He either did not know what he or she was doing or was trying to make a sale. Instead of arguing with them she should have given his or her name and if they are honest and told her they advised her to buy the wrong ink she gets her money back, as for never returning to the store I doubt this will be true, she will be back.