Sasakwa, Oklahoma
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Wal-mart does not stand behind the tires they sell. Bought 4 tires with 60,000 miles warranty 4 month old about 2,000 miles on them, One of the tire was puncture by a thorn in the side.

They ask if I bought road hazard for them. Which I didn't,assuming a 60,000 miles warranty would be all I need. No they would not replace it. Further more I ask if they would put a patch on it since it leak air.

No but would sell me another tire for 150 dollars. I let them know i wouldn't be buying anymore tires from them.

Also told them I would tell every one I know and put it on facebook and tell every one to pass it on. Poor old Sam would roll over in his grave to know how his stores is not standing by there word.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Walmart Cons: Totally unprofessional.

  • walmart ripoff
  • Poor Service Poor Training
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Just got home from buying two tires at Ponca City OK,didn't want road hazard was charged for it took 45 minutes to be punished and get ticket credited just didn't want the hassle of using road hazard if I needed to.


A warranty is for manufacturing problems, not road hazards. A puncture in the side wall is not a manufacturing defect.

Also, you cannot patch a side wall puncture.

It isn't safe. You clearly have no understanding of what's going on, and your complaint is without merit.


First of all, they cannot "put a patch" on a sidewall puncture. They can only patch or plug a puncture in the thread area of a tire.

Secondly, be aware that tires purchased at Walmart, no matter what brand are NOT the same quality as those bought at a brand name tire store, eg., Goodyear. Tires sold at Walmart are made to Walmart's specs and are of lower quality as the tires manufactured to be sold at the brand's stores. That being said, you have to cause for complaint as no tire repair could be done to your tire.

The only option was to buy a new tire. It is what it is.