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I purchased a Wal-Mart gift card for a Christmas present. The recipient said she tried checking the balance online and the card didn't show activation.

She called and was told to go to the store with the receipt. I met her at a Wal-Mart convenient to her. The manager said I had to go to the Wal-Mart where it was purchased. I drove to the store of origin where the manager said that it checked out.

Yes I purchased the card, but no, the funds could not be released. The people who vend the cards could do that. My husband stood there on the phone with me at customer service talking and waiting for someone to fix this at the 1-800 number. This woman told my husband to purchase another card and they could transfer the funds onto the new card.

What??? No way. There was more waiting on the phone like this company has never dealt with this issue before. Finally she gave my husband codes and numbers for him to register with on their website.

3 hours wasted, and we will not get our money for two days. Oh, did I mention I am a person of color?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: My card properly activated now..

Location: 2300 N Tustin St, Orange, CA 92865

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This is March and Walmart is still playing games. They labeled my daughter and I as fraudsters!

Our good name has been tarnished because WALMART didn't remove bad cards from the store floor! They have NOT apologized. They have NOT returned my money! They have NOT taken responsibility for this situation.

The gift card purchase transaction is on tape. The gift card should have immediately come up as bad, and the woman at customer service who waited on me should have said something right then. Why? Because I didn't look like her, she continued to ring up my order.

Shame to the woman who thought so lowly of me. Shame to the manager who later dismissed the incident as the fault of some gift card distributor.

Shame to you Walmart. It is sad that people are not civil, but these are the facts.


This is so stupid. The question of color does not belong ANYWHERE on this board or in any of these posts. There should be an age or IQ requirement to use the internet.


Those racist POS's! I can't believe they saw you coming, noticed your skin color, and then decided, according to you, to scam you based on your skin color.

How awful! You are so brave and courageous for fighting The Man and the white patriarchy. Be careful, though, because whitey will get you in other ways. If someone gets your order wrong at a fast food joint, it's racism.

If someone doesn't hold the door open for you, it's racism. If someone cuts you off in traffic, it's racism. If someone disagrees with your opinions, it's racism. Make sure you always call it out whenever your see the white devils try to treat you differently because of your skin color.

And don't worry, you can't be racist because you are not white. Racism is defined as: any act committed by a white person.


You forgot one: If law enforcement pulls you over for speeding or some other kind of traffic violation, that's racism!


Who really gives 2 sh!ts wth your skin color is! Come on, this is so freaking stupid.

You know the problem with racism, isn't just legitimate racism? It's the fabricated kind, the kind that's only in your head and you use whenever something goes wrong in your life. It's stupid, pathetic and invalidates legitimate racism. It becomes a problem when you want to use it to make yourself a victim, instead of being a victim!

Obviously if Walmart cannot put the money on the card because only the ones that vend the cards control that doesn't mean you were treated different because of your skin color, it was because they CAN'T control that. How the F is that racism.

You're a freaking moron and only a victim in your own head. In fact, you're the one that sounds more racist in my opinion.




My husband is White and I am mixed race. Still no resolution.


You had a good complaint until you pulled the race card.


Are white trash people allowed to pull the race card when they are dealing with a situation where everyone else is of another race, and they feel like they are being singled out for unfair treatment because of it?


An unnecessary emotive remark. Thank you. But still, I didn't say what color...And still no resolution.


So! I’m white and they pulled the same stunt on me. Doesn’t matter what color you are.


Yes, Agreed. They are equal opportunity scammers.


of coarse im not raciest but I was not treated good at all at that joke in liberty, texas they call Walmart. cops called on me for no real reason, just some moron customer called and claimed I was naked driving through their parking lot, there a damn liar.

and all this gossip about me getting caught stealing is also a lie, people posting on this website spreading rumars and fabricating details and making up stories. maybe some were them customers at that store writing this garbage when their the ones that started the whole freaking thing. why don't them customers leave me the *** alone and quit yo damn lying. that manager should be fired.

I don't have this problem anywhere else so im not the problem. so what if I drive thru a parking lot , that's my god given right


I'm white with blond hair and blue eyes, but I'm tar black on the inside.


So a customer calls the police on you for supposedly driving naked in the parking lot yet you call to have the manager fired? Why?

The manager is doing their job!! Put your clothes back on!! Maybe you were stealing maybe you weren’t. The police were called on you for being nekkid, not theft.

You say all these people are lying about you. Really? So each and every person is lying?

Yep I don’t buy that. Also remember that while it may be a parking lot it’s also private property and if they don’t want you rolling around on their property with yourself in a disrobed state then that is their right.

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