I ordered a $50 e-gift card for a Christmas gift. When the e-card was sent to my e-mail the barcode was missing.

I called numerous times and they said they would send another. The same thing happened. My credit card was charged $50 and I have no gift card as the e-gift card is worthless without the bar code. I needed this for a Christmas gift and guess what - no Christmas gift.

I'm still trying to resolve how to get my $50 back.

They stole $50 from me!!! Please beware of Walmart's e-gift cards.

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Same thing happened to me!!!!!

Mad in Advance, NC

Carbondale, Illinois, United States #847986

They can process the code both online and in the store. In the store they will type in your number and pin using a manager's key.

to Erik The Warm #1239993

None of my Walmart e-gift cards have bar codes. Cashier at store has to call manager to key it in at register every time, but then it works fine. Walmart e-gift cards without bar codes work fine on walmart.com because you just punch in the card number and pin.


I had the same problem with the barcode.. i did click show images even tried on a diff comp and it never would show or print a bar code.

i did however have no issue using it online - except you have to use a credit card to finish your purchase and can not use paypal. it will also print the bar scan code underneath if the cashier knows how the can manually enter the number and enter the pin after.

Kapolei, Hawaii, United States #738811

The same thing happened to me! I sent an egift card to my sick Aunt and when she went to the store, she was told they could do nothing without a barcode.

Now that I know it is their common practice to do so, I will complain to the Better Business Bureau. I will also see if I can cancel the payment from my credit card.

Kearneysville, West Virginia, United States #702491

I'm betting this person just needed to click "Show Images" in their email to see the barcode.

to Joe S Toledo, Ohio, United States #1013820


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