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On January 13, 2020 around 3:00 pm I went to the Bremerton, WA. store and it was snowing for the first time this winter.

I forgot to grab my new shopping bags from the trunk of my car as I wanted to get into the store quickly, get the few items I needed and I forgot my canvas bags. I shopped and then in the self check out I purchased my items. At the register there was no bags and the register asked how many bags had I used. There was none so I punched in 0.

I would have bought a canvas bag if the poor woman working self checkout could have helped, she was helping as many people as possible and it was busy. I looked for canvas bags but there WERE NO BAGS to buy. There were numerous people in line so I grabbed a hand basket on the floor and put my purchases in it and placed it into my cart. I seriously had 8 items.

As I was leaving I was asked to see my receipt which I handed over. The elderly employee "Rick" asked me to remove my purchases from the hand basket in my cart. I explained I was going to use it to take my purchases out to my car because the cart isn't easy to use in snow and I would return it quickly. He told me no.

I told him that I would leave my ID with him to ensure I would return the basket. He told me no that he would prefer to have the basket instead. I told him it was snowing and I would leave my entire purse so I could use the basket and he still said NO. I told him I needed to talk to a manager (as I felt he would not allow me to take the cart as long as it was pointed towards the exit,) he told me to just do that, being rude with his tone of voice.

WHAT? He couldn't even call a manager to help.. At this point I was livid, I looked at him and walked away. I went two exits over and spoke with Michele at the door and showed her my receipt and told her what had happened and how I was spoken to and now it was important that I speak to a manager for being treated this way.

She agreed and called a manager. We waited about 5 minutes. She called for a manager again. No manager came OR in the next following 5 minutes.

An employee came walking into the store to start her shift and Michele asked her to tell a manager to come to the front of the store. We waited longer and NO manager came at all. I looked at Michele and told her I would leave my purse or ID as I had waited long enough and I was going to go to the car and put my things into it, I would then return the hand basket. She smiled at me and I left.

I quickly came back completely covered with wet snow and returned the hand basket to Michele who thanked me. I would never allow any employee to be so rude and abrupt with any paying customer the way in which Rick behaved towards me. Especially when the new "No plastic bags" policy has been in effect less than two weeks, it takes time for people to get used to not having bags in store and also when the weather is extremely cold and wet to remember to grab your bags from the trunk of your car. What is so important that your customer carrying a hand basket outside is absolutely forbidden?

Your employee "Rick" was not going to bend no matter what the circumstance was. It was clear to me that the managers in this store have given the okay for employees to treat customers with disdain and disrespect. Just as those same managers refuse to answer the employees calls that are trying to help a customer to the best of their abilities. I am sure the managers were alerted to my situation when Rick surely had called the manager, after I walked away.

The reason I say this is because I could see Rick turning around, standing and watching us from the other exit, many times, as I waited and waited and no manager was about to show up. He was watching to see what I was going to do and when the calls went unanswered it was clear to me that this is the way customers are treated when you don't throw a raging fit. I was angry for sure, I was shaking. I didn't care to raise my voice to anyone, I explained my situation clearly and calmly to Michele.

She listened and immediately tried to help. I refuse to go to back to your Bremerton store when paying customers are treated badly and made aware that your Walmart managers and some employees could care less as to what kind of service the public receives. Thank you Walmart for hiring such courteous managers and respectful employees. I have been told what a horrible store Bremerton is to shop in.

I will certainly pass on my experience to my friends and family, as well.

I am going to shop Target as I have never had to worry what their employees will say or do to me. Thank you kindly for your time.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Review the Bremerton WA. Store and the employees you have hired to work with the public. Change the store policies of how problems are to be handled and how employees speak to customers..

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It looks like the customer service at Wal-Mart is going to hail in a handbasket.


They probably aren't supposed to allow people to walk out the store with the handbaskets because yes, as pointed out, people do steal them. But, it does sound like the employee was a straight up jerk about it.

He should have just fetched his supervisor to see if you could use it, provided you left your license behind to ensure you would return it. Simple enough solution without having to invoke all the drama that followed.


I don't see the employee being a jerk. I see a child mistaking no for rude.


You are old enough to drive, but you still do not know the difference between no and rude. Funny.In all this time that you choose to act like an eight year old you could have taken your items to the car.

You could have also went to the car, left the cart with him and got your bags. But you are too busy throwing a temper tantrum than to think for yourself. Rick was not rude to you. NO is not the same as rude.

You were NOT disrespected. Also if you are old enough to drive, you are too old to throw a raging fit. Save that for the kids in kindergarten. Trust me, you won't be missed.

You are basically an adult acting like an eight year old. I hope your friends and family have the guts to tell you how wrong and immature you are.



It sounds like Mr.Rick was a former government employee. They have stupid rules that don't make any sense and they won't make an exception for any reason. Mr.Rick was afraid that you were going to make off with that hand basket if he let you walk out of the store with it.


Rick did not make that rule, the store did. The OP is behaving like an eight year old when he did not let her have her way.


On time on a road trip, I went into a convenience store just outside Tallahassee, Florida and decided to get some food from the heat warmers. I got just a few things and when the gentleman told me that the total was over eleven dollars, I told him that I thought that price was outrageous and a gyp and that I was just going to put the stuff back.

He told me "I cain't let you put that stuff back. You HAVE to pay for now. Those are the rules." And like a dummy I listened to him and paid the price gouged price for fast food junk that had been under the heat lamps for hours and was all gross. What I should have done was just said "Well, if you cain't let me put it back, then I'll let you do it.:" and then just walked out of the store.

I doubt if he would have tried to stop me from leaving or would have called the po-po on me. In fact, he was laughing when he told me that I couldn't put the food back.

Probably just a bunch of B.S. And I am sure that he didn't make the rules, but that didn't mean that I had to pay 3 times what the food was worth.(what I thought it was worth if it was good and not stale like it was.)


And this happened in the previous century, so it would be more than that in today's money. He was laughing and laughing like he knew that it was a gyp.

A word to the wise: always ask how much any of that stuff under the heat warmers is before you take any of it. That's what I should have done.


Why did you feel you needed a hand basket in your cart? Just take your item out of the basket and put them in the cart.

The reason they don't want the hand baskets leaving the store is that people steal them. Sounds like you were just trying to cause problems.


IT is obvious she has entitlement issues and mistakes no for rude. She is basically an "adult" that throws a fit when she does not get her way.. She is trying to cause problems and I hope her friends and family have the guts to tell her she is wrong without her accusing them of being rude or throwing a temper tantrum like some child.