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Consumers shopping in Walmart stores beware! If you get hurt in their store, they will put the blame on the OTHER customers in the store.

When checking out,a bottle of soda (from the customer behind us)fell off the belt when it jerked forward...when it hit the floor it caused an explosion that showered us in 1 3/4 liters of Coke. The checker just wanted me to walk back through the puddle of soda and pay for my stuff...they were in a hurry to get us out the door. My daughter and I were completely soaked in brown sticky soda.

Before we left the store, I stopped at the "courtesy" (and I use that term loosely)counter where I requested to speak to a manager. They sent over a front end manager who informed me that it was the other customer's fault and Walmart accepted NO responsibility whatsoever! I insisted on filling out an accident form and asked to speak to the store manager. We waited over 20 minutes for another manager (not the store manager) to show up. In the meantime, I was filling out the form...they moved us away from the counter so I had nothing to write on and nowhere to sit...they seemed to want to make us as uncomfortable as possible so we would just leave the store. The attitude was "just give me your money and get out!"

The next day I couldn't move because of wrenching my back when I fell back at the register. I visited my physician and I was told that the kind of injury I received was similar to the delayed pain you would feel in a wip-lash neck injury...the pain would not show up until the next day...which it did.

Long story, short...I received a letter from Walmart's insurance carrier stating that Walmart was in no way responsible for the incident that occurred to me. My question is..."The customer behind me had not purchased the item when it fell and it fell because of Walmart's equipment. Another question is..."Walmart carries bottles of soda that are not flat on the bottom that are placed on moving surfaces...which causes the products they carry to fall off...and they are not responsible for the products they accept into their store?"

Here's another scenario...what if a customer moved a box on a shelf and it fell on yet another customer...Walmart is saying they are not responsible?

By the way, my doctor said this kind of back injury can takes months to my back pain is a constant reminder.

I was not seeking any kind of monetary compensation...just some consideration by the employees of Walamrt. The temperature outside was 25 degrees and we were soaking wet. We would have gone home and changed but we live 1 1/2 hours away!

This incident opened my eyes as to the kind of corporation Walmart is...they cut corners at any cost...even the cost of the customers' safety...I will NEVER set foot in another Walmart...consumers need to be made aware of the risks associated with shopping in Walmarts!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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A property owner is, ultimately, responsible for falls caused by both permanent and temporary hazards. For either type of hazard, however, you’ll need to show that the owner had knowledge of it. What it says here:


I don't believe this for a minute. You hit your back, but didn't mention that to the employee, and I've worked at that Walmart, had a friend hurt themselves on a broken candle.

They offered to pay for hospital treatment, offered the report to them, even contacted them later to make sure they were ok. This story is bull!


Sounds like just another person trying to get a big pay day off lies


This whole story reeks of lies. You never even mentioned you hurt your back in the beginning of this story, I would assume if you fell due to the soda that would have been your main complaint and not the fact that you were covered in brown soda.

People like you are the same kinds of people who sue Mcdonalds because they burnt themselves with HOT coffee. Get a life, make an honest living, & stop trying to get rich quick.


i understand how you feel,the employees of walmart should have been more courteous to your plight, i too would have been upset. simple gestures such as giving you a towel to clean off, or how about "are you all right?"


I see Wal-Marts point. Wal-Mart didn't drop the soda.

Your story is unclear on why or how you fell to hurt your back. If you walked through the soda and slipped that is your fault for doing that, still not Wal-Marts. If the bottle of soda hit you, still not Wal-Marts fault.

I just don't see it.

Some *** behind you is a ***, and you think Wal-Mart is at blame. Did the person behind you offer to help?


that's how walmart is- if you shop at a ghetto place, you get ghetto treatment.