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i called my walmart to find out about an xbox 360 to see if they still have the $50 gift card the girl paged and paged no one answered

i gave up, tried again later the same thing this was 7:30 yesterday

then an hour later i called another walmart today they answered

some walmarts answers some don'tthe saleman said they don't have the $50 gift card i coulda used to buy a game, or a headset i'm still calling walmart customer service and complain, i might get my xbox 360 else where

like meijer or bestbuy

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derek frost

just reported you tasha

derek frost

kevin you fool tasha said i was an 8 yr old

tasha your a liar.. i'm a dummy tasha

yea what ever loser

Ambridge, Pennsylvania, United States #397266

And now you reminded me when I was molested by my uncle and grandfather :cry

Ambridge, Pennsylvania, United States #397260

Ewww. Sithlord just IMed me to get my phone number. What a sick *** :eek

derek frost

look how you type tasha

You spell and type like an eight year old. NOt to mention behave like one.

yes it's me sithlord *** password reminder

so go find a barbie thread you must be 9

so grow up and leave


My guess is they didn't answer the phone because they were busy, you know with real customers, in the store spending money.


tasha thanks for the laugh honey.. i'm not 8 i'm a 46 year old man, you my dear are 9 year old seriously you think an 8 yr old will type what i did you have to be 21 or older to make any posts


It tends to depend on how many employees are working in an area as well as how busy they are at the time, if they get to the phone in a timely manner. While I'll agree it isn't very good for customer service, the issue really is with the scheduling more often than not, rather than the employees themselves.

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