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I purchased an expensive hair care product from that came from a 3rd party seller. The item was counterfeit.

There was no contact information for the 3rd party seller on the WalMart website, on the return address label on the box (it was a P.O. Box) or on the paper inside the box. A Google search resulted in NOTHING about the 3rd party seller. I paid via PayPal so I initiated a dispute that was escalated to a claim.

I wanted a refund for this counterfeit product. Well, I received a response from PayPal saying that WalMart wanted me to ship the item back to them & pay for the shipping costs!! The "address" to send the item to that I was given by PayPal was an email address that didn't work when I entered it in my browser and when I went onto the WalMart website, there was no record of the purchase!! PayPal's response included an email for WalMart to start a return, but to do that a purchase had to show on the WalMart website, which it didn't.

PayPal did not have anywhere for me to submit a return comment, only a form to give them the tracking number so I entered "0000000" as the tracking number & wrote a narrative about why this return process was not an appropriate resolution & how I shouldn't have to pay for return shipping costs for a COUNTERFEIT item. I decided to call PayPal because I didn't feel like the way I was given to respond to PayPal's "solution" was adequate. I explained what had happened, and the rep told me to keep the item & PayPal would refund me the purchase amount to my PayPal account. While this is a reasonable solution on their end, getting a credit to my PayPal account instead of a refund to my credit card isn't the same thing.

Since I filed the dispute, I noticed that WalMart took down their ad for the hair care product I purchased from the 3rd party seller, but I think the 3rd party seller changed their name & is still selling the same product via WalMart. I used to shop at WalMart quite frequently, but I all but quit shopping there because I have seen a dramatic decline in quality, decline in the quality of employees that are employed in the stores, and the in-store return process is ridiculous----I bought 2 bags of Twix candy a couple of months ago & the candy bars were crushed & stale. When I went to the store to return them, there was a line of about 15 people waiting & it took me over 30 minutes to return & get a refund for the bags of candy. I didn't have the receipt, and they didn't want to give me a refund (because apparently people would use their food stamps to purchase food there & then attempt to return the food and get cash back) but I asked for a supervisor who was able to look up the purchase on my credit card & verify that I paid for the candy with a credit card, not food stamps.

The store is not clean, the employees are not clean, the parking lot is too small.

It's also too far away---they built a new building to get a 10 year property tax abatement and the building is much farther away from me than it used to be & it is not worth it to go that distance to save 0.25 cents. I'll go to Target or Costco.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $33.

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