Biddeford, Maine
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I purchase my groceries from Walmart (BIDDEFORD, MAINE)on a weekly basis, however, more times than none I am missing a few bags of groceries from a long list of groceries. I always ask the clerk is that all the bags, dumbly they usually reply oh yes..

Funny how that happens! When you do find out and your already home of course. your pretty upset. When I go back to get my missing bags I am CHALLENGED, their course of action is how do we know you are not telling the truth!

I have went to the manager and he or she seems to have the same course of action.

Once you leave the store your screwed! I am no longer shopping at WALMART IN BIDDEFORD, MAINE

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Missing groceries.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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You dumbly accept the "oh yes" reply. It is ok for you to spin the turnstile and load up your own bags.


Her mommy or babysitter was not there to tell her this so she does not know that this is required. Like I said this person is a child, 11 years old at most and still needs to be shopping with an adult. That or they are too stup1d to use common sense.


Next time check your bags to make sure if it happens all the time.


I think we are dealing with a child here, only a child would blame them when they did not double check, this person still needs to shop with a responsible parent until they can figure out to check that they have all their bags. I mean if this keeps happening an adult would know to double check, the next time, while a two year old would not because mommy or daddy does everything for them, takes care of them ect.

Then again this could be an adult with low IQ. They don`t know she has low IQ so they think she keeps going back to get free food because they don`t know she is too stup!d to figure out that part of my job is to double check if this keeps happening.