Lehigh Acres, Florida
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When they don't have enough cashiers please don't waste any more time @ a walmart. They just don't care to have your money and don't care that you've shopped for an hour to wait 30 mins in a check out line.

Don't you get it? They DON'T CARE! Don't fall into their corporate traps that @ this time there won't be enough cashiers to check you out no matter what time you go there.

Self serve lines suck, cashier lines suck, Walmart sucks-do you get the point yet? WALMART SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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hey koolaide oh yea. use self self da Walmart no freaking care bout like swift transportation.

liberty Walmart de worst Walmart around. cop callers plus lazy door greeters = one no good for *** store


I agree this walmart always lacks cashiers, self check out machines never work, over picked and they don't care. I was told by corporate they don't care cause this is a training store. I stopped even tryin to shop here i hit up any other store or online avenue


Want more cashiers? Shop at a store that costs more. It costs to hire help.


They don't have enough cashiers at any of their locations, same with Kmart, and Target. I know you don't care about money since you spend your parents money, but the more people they hire, the more money they spend on wages, that means the customer(your parents) have to pay more. I know you are young because on one over the age of seven repeatedly says "you suck" They can use more mature words to tell how dissatisfied they are.