Houston, Texas

I visited Wal-Mart last night in the hopes of getting my Husband his Birthday gift at midnight. I was excited that Wal-Mart had the product Dr.

Dre Beats Headphones and the Pill. However, when I noticed that people were standing around waiting for someone to assist them, I started to worry. I waited for an hour and fifteen minutes to get some type of assistance in the Electronics Department. After I had been there for 30 minutes I started assisting other customers with locating their purchases.

I did everything I could not to be one of those people "acting out" of my frustrations last night. After some time I finally asked someone "If I break the glass to the display case how fast will someone assist me at that time?". I watched several customers leave the store disappointed and finally I decided to leave and take my money to Best Buy. Since, I already shopped the store I decided to purchased those items.

Even with the final purchase I had to make with Wal-Mart was an issue. I asked for cash back and had to wait for the manager to bring me the cash, due to the machine being set to "Card Only" mode. Through it all I maintained my inner peace, because I did not want to embarrass my GOD, my church, my pastor and my family. I feel that someone needs to take action of the Wal-Mart in Pearland,TX.

You have a few great employees there, but with the high turn over and young workers you will see a large loss in sales. At this time our annual Back to School Drive will have to take a loss at well. We usually buy our supplies from Wal-Mart, but after our experience with the management in Aug.

'14 we will certainly not spend our members money where it is not wanted and obnoxiously not needed. I appreciate the Great Workers I've met over the time I've been shopping at Wal-Mart, but it's time to say Goodbye to the horrible customer service and nonsense that happens there during the year.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Walmart Cons: Customer service.

  • better service
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Don't you get bored having conversations with yourself KW? you keep changing your name from anonymous to other names and locations and maybe finally some other person will chime in, but it is mostly just you.

I would tell you to go enjoy a pint instead of wasting moments here, but I figure you are not old enough or maybe too ugly to be seen in public?


I am not having conversations with myself, you are just six years old so you ASSume that anyone that agrees with a person who disagrees with you is the same person. You are ten years younger than me so you sure are not old enough to enjoy a pint. How do you know the definition of pint anyway at age six?


You did not state your wife and daughter's name anonymous, you simply in a review told people that the comments other people make in a that are negative make you want to harm them.


Has anyone noticed that all the complaints are made with a "name" starting with deb and having numbers/letters finding the "name"?


You can't pay people ***, offer no benefits, work them up to the legal limits of "Part Time" and then expect them to Give a shat.......eventually folks will give out the effort they think they are being compensated for.......No matter what business. Walmart seems to have cornered the market on Shat


I'm starting to think that is going on in every Walmart. Then they act like you have no right to be frustrated.

But you also have to realize most of them are under paid and over worked. So What happen to underpaid over worked employees? They experiences physical fatigue, were they cannot continue functioning at their normal levels of physical ability and mental fatigue, which is more slanted towards feeling sleepy and being unable to concentrate properly. And the leads to poor customer service.

Walmart is going to fall, if the don't make changes. Just like you were saying, they need to make changes.


So did you shop or not, you said you left the store then you said you had to wait for cash back, and you waited over an hour for service. Lying is embarrassing your church.


I bet you're an absolute delight...I can tell by the way you randomly brought up church in the middle of your rant.


Don't feed into Kevin's self-esteem issues. That's what is his wants you to do, respond to his comments.I guess I'm stocking him by reading reviews.

Hence my behavior cannot be controlled by him. He is threatened by my self-assuredness. I’m not safe to him. Because I tell people about characters traits.

Sorry Kevin's I'm not here for you.

I'm here to read reviews and comment. Kevin by the way she is talking about the customer service.


By the way did you find my grammar errors?


Stocking? try stalking. You're a tard.


You are the one that I replied to on another review where you claimed my posts make you want to beat your wife and daughter and I am the one with self esteem issues. It is you who has self esteem issues because you beat women to make yourself feel superior.


You are so lost. So I'm a ***, who beat my wife and daughter then.

Wow, what are their names? So, let me get this straight. I have a wife, which is weird. Because last time I looked I have a boyfriend and my career is to busy for any children or are you talking about my dog?

But she at home with my personal assistant. Like right now sitting at the airport WAITING, KILLING TIME.

To, to busy for a family. Da*n this Ipod is so hard to type on.


Thanks, but I posted before him so there's no way I was "feeding into" anything. I can't help it if he has the same opinion as me on this one.


try too busy, not "to" You are still a tard.


The debit reader was probably down. You cannot put a register on card only mode since there is no such thing.


The self checks can be set to card only. It will say it in big red letters from the beginning of the transaction so it shouldn't have been a surprise.


You sound like a horribly mixed up person, your complaint is rambling and doesn't make any sense at all.


I agree, first she claims she left the store without purchasing anything, then she claims she had to wait for her cash back. She waited an hour before buying anything.

She should have been arrested when she threatened to break the display. For some church person she is violent and a liar, that should embarrass her church and pastor.