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Bought an iPod for my daughter and 2 yr.pp The cashier stated it was a good investment cuz "anything something happens it's covered no matter what" his exact words. So then it stop functioning & had a cracked screen to the point you can feel it.

I called Asurion & they noted everything that was wrong. I sent it back w/ the notion that it would get replaced but instead they did a BAD job because when I recieved it, my daughter used it, she placed it on the bed & it the screen broke again for no reason.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

Reason of review: Problem still not fixed, still broken.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: Replace the iPod for another one. I would even pay the difference for an upgrade as long it's not a lot of money..

  • iPod BAD protection plan
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I was there they are not lying the girl held the Ipod up to the ceiling and it fell on her tampons before falling on her bed. When it fell on the tampons it broke, I know because I am her younger brother and was in the room with ktorres76 when it was happened, and so was Obama his wife, and the queen and William and Kate so we have witnesses.


I have to agree with anonymous here, this is a teenager posting not an adult, like they said what adult uses words like cuz instead of because, this could only be posted by someone in Junior High or High school. If the screen really broke because of their bad job she would be sending it back to get it replaced.

In most cases carelessness does not cover the warranty.

This clearly is written by someone in Junior High or High school because if the "mother" had actually wrote this she would not be addressing this to Walmart but to the company that was supposed to fix the phone. Walmart sends it to a third party company, had an adult wrote this she would know, however a 16 year old would not.


LOL - a 16 year-old that doesn't take care of her things.....why I never heard of such a thing!


If anyone has written a review knows that it ONLY gives you 100 words to explain. So I can not get into full detail.

So for first born triplet and anonymous you guys can choke on a *** chicken and die cuz I'm not rich nor have money tree I've taught my kids to be responsible with their things. I was there when it happened and I myself couldn't believe it happened. So if anyone doesn't want to believe it that your prerogative.

I don't need to lie about anything cuz it doesn't get no one no where so *** off haters. For anonymous that's how I respond "***".

to Ktorres76 #874098

With internet slang such as cuz like this and telling someone to go choke on a chicken this was obviously written by the 16 year old and not the mother. Besides First Born Triplet believed you.

The limit is 100 words so you don't spam the website, you can use more than a 100 words, this is obviously the first time you visited this site, or then again perhaps you are lying again.

You changed your story from your daughter told you that all she did was put it on her bed to you were there when she put it on her bed. Well genius if you were there when it happened why would she need to tell you what happened.


You actually expect us to believe you did not respond to that review when you are lying about how the screen broke?

First Born Triplet

Well I guess this could be possible if her bed is made with cement and she sat on it and had rocks in her pocket.


A screen doesn't break for no reason after placing it on a bed. You can't be serious.

to Anonymous #873627

Well that is what my daughter told me. She placed it on her bed and the screen broke, are you calling my daughter a lier? Now I have a 16 year old who is disappointed because they did not fix the issue.

to Ktorres76 #873666

Your daughter obviously does not take care of her things like she should, which is the case with some teens because they are not the ones having to pay for it. They figure that their parent or parents will just go out and buy them a new one.

A lot of teens have been spoiled and have entitlement issues. Then there are some who will actually go out and find a job, earn their own money and buy for themselves.

Your daughter is not telling you the truth obviously. Take the blinders off.

to Anonymous #873853

I have no idea who responded to u but it wasn't me

to Anonymous #874100

There we go, she changes her story gets caught in her lie and claims she never made that particular post. She has to take the post about her daughter telling her it broke when she put it on he bed because it counterdicts with her other story about her being there when it happened.

I however think that from the behavior, and from the internet slang that this isn't the mother posting but the 16 year old daughter posing as the mother. Either way things don't break when you put them on the bed, they know this and the daughter/mother is upset because Walmart saw through her lie. Just like we are seeing through her lie about the post she "did not" make. If this is the mother posting these comments then she needs to grow up because frankly she is acting like a 16 year old.

She is also lying about the 100 word thing, the 100 word is minimum not maximum, you don't believe me check out other reviews on this site and you will see she is lying about that. If she is lying about the 100 being the minimum thing chances are she is lying about how the phone really broke and about not making that post claiming the daughter told her it broke while she put it on the bed.


You actually believe your daughter is telling the truth, dream on. Ask her what really happened.

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